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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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The Grinding War in Libya Favors Gaddafi2011-April-27
Loyal, Secretive Security Forces Keep Syria Leader in Power2011-April-22
Iran's Continuing Power Struggles2011-April-22
Egypt after the Revolution 2011-April-22
Is the Palestinian Authority Ready for Statehood? 2011-April-21
The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Current, and Prospects for Post-Mubarak Egypt: An Early Assessment 2011-April-15
Syria Teeters on the Edge2011-April-15
The Fogel Murders: A Call to Combat Incitement2011-April-08
A White House Divided on Syria 2011-April-01
Former IDF Intelligence Head Doesn't See Conflict with Syria 2011-March-31
Why Palestinians Should Learn about the Holocaust2011-March-31
Bahrain's Kleptocracy in the Crosshairs 2011-March-18
The Arab Revolutions: An Israeli Perspective 2011-March-17
After the Itamar Massacre 2011-March-15
How to Deal with Islamist Movements in Post-Revolutionary Regimes2011-March-08
Reviewing Egypt's Gains from Its Peace Treaty with Israel 2011-March-08
Arab Revolt Makes Turkey a Regional Power 2011-February-25
Israel's Strategic Concerns over Upheaval in Egypt 2011-February-25
Libya's Revolution Impacts on EU Oil and Gas Supplies 2011-February-23
Egypt to Let Iranian Warships through Suez Canal2011-February-21
Egypt Should Take Its Time Building a Democracy 2011-February-15
New Poll Reveals Egyptian Views on Protests 2011-February-11
The Claim for Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State: A Reassessment 2011-February-11
The Egyptian Military and the Fate of the Regime2011-February-04
Imagining the Border: Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue 2011-January-21
Hizbullah Challenges Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri - and President Obama2011-January-14
Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Oil Policy2011-January-13
Gaza's Economy: How Hamas Stays in Power2011-January-11
Tension with Gaza: Israel's Deterrence under Pressure2011-January-05
President Obama's First Two Years in the Middle East 2010-December-28
Turkish Ruling Party Faces Election Challenge 2010-December-27
Israel Is a Victim of Turkey's Transformation2010-December-15
Palestinian Public Opinion: Tactically Flexible, Strategically Ambitious 2010-December-10
Beyond the Freeze Deal: A New Agenda for U.S. Efforts on the Peace Process 2010-December-10
U.S. Drops Bid to Sway Israel on Settlements2010-December-08
Back to the Table: New P5+1 Talks with Iran2010-December-07
Iran's Double-Edged Sword2010-November-25
Report: U.S. Completes Letter on Freeze Deal 2010-November-24
Peace Process to Nowhere 2010-November-23
China's Rise in the Middle East2010-November-16
Sunni Hamas and Shiite Iran Form a Common Political Theology2010-November-10
Taking Stock of Israeli-Palestinian Mediation 2010-November-09
The Case for an Immediate IAEA Special Inspection in Syria 2010-November-08
Iran, Trying to Skirt Sanctions, Attempts to Set Up Banks Worldwide2010-October-21
Negotiations Amidst the Settlement Freeze 2010-October-19
Ahmadinejad's Lebanon Visit and the Fate of the Hariri Tribunal 2010-October-13
Jerusalem Mayor: Sharing Israel's Capital Would Bring "a Trojan Horse into the Heart of the City" 2010-October-08
Home Truths and One Illusion 2010-October-07
The Obama Draft Letter to Israel: Why Netanyahu Is Unwilling to Extend the Freeze 2010-October-01
U.S. Presses Israel on Renewal of Construction Freeze 2010-October-01

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