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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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U.S. and Israel Must Work Together to Prevent Iran Nukes2012-November-09
Saudi Resignation Prompts Fresh Succession Debate2012-November-08
The New U.S. Administration and the Middle East 2012-November-07
Engaging the Muslim Brotherhood2012-November-06
Iran and the Next U.S. President2012-October-26
Hizbullah Under Pressure2012-October-26
Nuclear Iran: Technical Issues Overshadowing Negotiations 2012-October-24
Syrian Rebels Getting More Advanced Gear2012-October-23
The Future of the Palestinian Authority2012-October-23
Will Iran Weather the Economic Storm? 2012-October-17
How the Arab Spring's Prisoner Releases Have Helped the Jihadi Cause2012-October-12
A Red Line Iran Would Take Seriously 2012-October-09
Jordan's Election Law: Reform or Perish? 2012-October-05
Is Iran's Currency Crisis Evidence that Sanctions Are Working?2012-October-04
Criminal Connections: Hizbullah's Global Illicit Financing Activities2012-October-04
The Case for Humility 2012-October-03
Abbas' Five Non-Options2012-September-27
Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout: U.S.-Israel Coordination2012-September-27
The Video Didn't Start the Riots 2012-September-19
How to Send Egypt a Message 2012-September-14
Deadly Embassy Attacks Were Days in the Making 2012-September-13
How the United States Benefits from Its Alliance with Israel2012-September-12
Syrian Resort to Heavy Weapons a Sign of Strain as Troops Defect2012-September-12
What We Know about Iran's Nukes 2012-September-07
Shaping the International Environment If Iran Diplomacy Fails 2012-August-21
In Syria, Group Suspected of Al-Qaeda Links Gaining Prominence2012-August-20
Israel Debates a Strike on Iran2012-August-20
Egypt's New Leaders Must Accept Reality2012-August-20
What Will the U.S. Actually Do about Iran?2012-August-17
Egypt's New President Moves Against Democracy2012-August-16
Syria's Summer War and the Fate of the Regime2012-August-15
Mimicking al-Qaeda, Militant Threat Grows in Sinai2012-August-15
Hizbullah's Karma in Syria2012-August-14
Looming U.S.-Iraqi Row over Decision to Release Hizbullah Commander2012-August-09
As Conflict Continues, Assad's Arms Under Strain2012-August-03
Concerns Mount that Israel Is Losing Patience on Iran Plan 2012-August-02
Iran's Support for Terrorism in the Middle East2012-July-26
Intense Fighting Rocks Syrian Capital, Fueling Perceptions of a Turning Point2012-July-18
Syria: How to Advance Transition to a Post-Assad Future2012-July-13
The Syrian Government's Support For and Complicity In Terrorism 2012-July-12
Oil Sanctions Against Iran Will Not Be Enough 2012-July-09
Egypt's Islamist Future2012-July-06
Mounting Pressure on the Syrian Army 2012-July-03
Morsi's Victory in Egypt: Early Implications 2012-June-29
Iran Confident as Sanctions Tighten2012-June-27
How America Can Help Its Friends Make Nice 2012-June-22
Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament after Court Ruling2012-June-15
Syria Rebels Gaining Ground, Strength2012-June-12
Why a Syrian Civil War Would Be a Disaster for U.S. National Security2012-June-08
Iran's Likely Responses to an Israeli Preventive Strike2012-June-05

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