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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Israel's Growing Role in Southern Syria 2014-January-31
Palestinian Incitement: An Obstacle to the Peace Negotiations2014-January-29
Assad's Indispensable Foreign Legions 2014-January-23
Avoiding Assad's Forced Solution to the Syria Crisis2014-January-22
UN Invites Iran to Syria Talks, Raising Objections from the U.S.2014-January-20
Egyptian Army Gaining Against Terrorist Militias in Sinai 2014-January-20
The Syrian Regime's Military Solution to the War2013-December-20
Up to 11,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria; Steep Rise Among Western Europeans 2013-December-18
Iran Now Unhindered in Obtaining Nuclear Weapons, Experts Warn2013-December-16
Muslim Brotherhood Still Functioning in Egypt's Rural Areas2013-December-13
Syrian Refugees Could Change Lebanon2013-December-11
Toward a Sustainable Nuclear Deal with Iran2013-December-09
Why Some U.S. Allies Disapprove of the Iran Agreement 2013-November-29
How to Think about Obama's Deal with Iran2013-November-28
Iran's Leaders Emphasize Limitations of the Nuclear Agreement 2013-November-27
Iran's Nuclear Program Is Still Growing2013-November-26
Why a Nuclear Deal with Iran Is So Hard2013-November-21
Iran's Nuclear Narrative Needs to Be Challenged2013-November-19
Israel's Critique of U.S. Iran Policy 2013-November-19
Will Geneva Accord Facilitate Iranian Regional Hegemony? 2013-November-15
How to Fix the Iran Nuclear Deal 2013-November-14
Tell Iran Tougher Sanctions Will Be Imposed If Final Nuclear Deal Falls Through 2013-November-11
Saudi Nuclear Weapons "on Order" from Pakistan 2013-November-07
The Syrian Regime's Willing Executioners 2013-November-05
The Need for Speed in Negotiations with Iran2013-October-31
How to Negotiate with Iran2013-October-29
Syria Seen as Haven for Mideast Terrorists Who Can Launch Attacks on West2013-October-24
What a Nuclear Deal with Iran Could Look Like2013-October-21
Next Steps with Egypt2013-October-16
Israel Doubts Ability of Diplomacy to Block Iranian Nuclear Weapons 2013-October-14
Al-Qaeda's Syrian Strategy2013-October-11
The Rise and Fall of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood 2013-October-11
Plans to Develop Gaza's Offshore Natural Gas 2013-October-11
Infographic - Asset Test: How the U.S. Benefits from Its Alliance with Israel2013-October-11
Israeli-Egyptian Peace Holding after Forty Years 2013-October-09
U.S. Should Hold Firm in Iranian Nuke Talks2013-October-08
Who Is Hassan Rouhani? 2013-October-03
Trust, But Clarify2013-October-02
Rouhani at the UN: Why Israel Remains Unconvinced2013-September-30
What If Insurgents Close the Suez Canal? 2013-September-27
Nuclear Talks with Iran: Diplomacy and Diminishing Time 2013-September-25
Syria's Lessons for the Iran Nuclear Talks2013-September-24
Beyond Words: Causes, Consequences, and Cures for Palestinian Authority Hate Speech 2013-September-20
Elite Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms Stockpile2013-September-13
Assad Has All the Time in the World to Hide His Chemical Weapons 2013-September-13
Syrian Measures to Mitigate the Effects of a U.S. Strike 2013-September-10
Significant Regime Defection in Syria 2013-September-09
Syria Creates a Russian Safe Zone, Civilian Danger Zones2013-September-04
Linking Targets to Political Objectives in Syria2013-September-03
Striking Syria: Lessons from the Israeli Experience 2013-September-02

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