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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Will Iraq's Crisis Lead to Kurdistan's Independence?2014-July-02
60 Percent of Palestinians Say Goal Is Reclaiming All of Historic Palestine 2014-June-26
Kidnapped Israeli Teens Compel Scrutiny of Hamas' International Finances2014-June-25
Iranian Proxies Step Up Their Role in Iraq 2014-June-20
The Effects of Iraq Fighting on ISIS in Syria2014-June-20
Stop the Loose Talk about Meeting with Iran to Discuss Iraq2014-June-19
When Authority Erodes in the Sunni Middle East, Al-Qaeda Terrorists Gain Traction 2014-June-19
Iran Is Not an Ally in Iraq2014-June-18
The Battle for Iraq Is a Saudi War on Iran2014-June-13
Regional Implications of a Nuclear Deal with Iran2014-June-13
Did the U.S. Promise Not to Recognize a Hamas-Backed Unity Government? 2014-June-06
The Reconciliation Agreement Allows Hamas to Re-enter the West Bank2014-June-05
Palestinian Reconciliation Hobbled by Continued Disunity2014-June-03
With the Peace Process on Hold, Washington Still Faces Key Israeli-Palestinian Tests 2014-June-02
Abbas Seeks a New Government that Would Seal Alliance with Hamas2014-May-30
What Pope Francis Can Do for Mideast Peace2014-May-23
Lebanese Journalist Takes on Hizbullah2014-May-22
Fixing UNRWA2014-May-22
The Muslim Brotherhood Thinks It's Winning2014-May-21
The Battle for Southern Syria Heating Up2014-May-16
Martin Indyk's View of the Breakdown in Talks 2014-May-16
America Should Not Soften Its Nuclear Demands of Iran 2014-May-15
Martin's Myths2014-May-12
Israel vs. al-Qaeda: Emerging Challenges on Two Fronts 2014-May-12
Top U.S. Middle East Envoy Gives Post-Mortem on Peace Talks2014-May-09
Barak: U.S. Attack on Iran's Nuclear Program Easier than Planned Campaign Against Assad's Chemical Weapons2014-May-09
Note to U.S.: We're Not Children2014-May-02
Egypt's President-in-Waiting2014-April-29
The Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Agreement: Too Early to Judge2014-April-27
What Washington Is Missing in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks 2014-April-16
U.S. Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse2014-April-11
U.S. Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse 2014-April-08
Pollard Release Seems Justified2014-April-02
Why Palestinians Should Learn About the Holocaust2014-March-28
Iranian Aid to Fighters in the Gulf Peninsula2014-March-26
A Palestinian Return to Armed Struggle Would Be a Disaster2014-March-21
The Case for Zero Enrichment in Iran 2014-March-19
Mahmoud Abbas and the "Jewish State" 2014-March-17
Preventing an Iranian Breakout after a Nuclear Deal2014-March-13
Egypt's Arms Deal with Russia: Potential Strategic Costs2014-March-11
Implications of a Sisi Presidency in Egypt 2014-March-07
Israel's Game Plan with Hizbullah and Syria2014-February-28
Palestinian Hate Speech Comes from Official Sources 2014-February-27
Clarifying the Security Arrangements Debate: Israeli Forces in the Jordan Valley 2014-February-26
Ayatollah Khamenei: Pessimistic Negotiator, Optimistic Strategist2014-February-24
Strategic Shifts Needed in the Iran Negotiations 2014-February-20
Russian-Egyptian Meeting in Moscow Does Not Signify a Foreign Policy Realignment in Cairo2014-February-14
Assessing U.S. Strategy in the Israeli-Palestinian Talks - Robert Satloff2014-February-07
Al-Qaeda Aims at Israel2014-February-05
Syria Cheats 2014-February-03

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