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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Acknowledge the Righteous Muslims 2015-January-27
Both Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Threaten the West2015-January-21
Coalition Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria: An Interim Assessment2015-January-21
The Palestinians Go to the ICC: Policy Implications 2015-January-07
How and Why the Palestinians Lost Palestine 2015-January-07
Stop Giving Palestinians a Pass 2015-January-05
Saudi King in Hospital: Succession Crisis Looms2015-January-02
Desperate for Soldiers, Assad's Government Imposes Harsh Recruitment Measures 2014-December-31
U.S. Does Not Back UN Palestinian Statehood Resolution 2014-December-30
Continued Standoff between Hamas and Fatah Delays Gaza Reconstruction2014-December-23
Palestinian-Israeli Incitement Can and Should Be Curbed, Especially Now 2014-December-18
EU Court Annuls Hamas Terrorist Designation2014-December-17
On Iran, Israel's Margin for Error Is Zero2014-December-12
Iran's Missile Arsenal and the Nuclear Negotiations2014-December-10
Hizbullah's Syria Problem2014-December-03
The Combat Performance of Hamas in the 2014 Gaza War 2014-November-28
What Difference Would an Iran Deal Make?2014-November-27
Regional Nuclear Plans in the Aftermath of an Iran Deal2014-November-24
If Palestine Is a State, How Can Palestinians Living in Palestine Be Refugees?2014-November-21
U.S. Should Cut Aid to Palestinians for Supporting Terrorists2014-November-20
The Next President's Mideast Mess2014-November-18
Islamic State Announces New Caliphate Provinces2014-November-17
How the U.S., Not Iran, Is Making Concessions2014-November-05
Palestinian Politics after the Gaza Conflict 2014-October-31
Twenty Years of Israeli-Jordanian Peace 2014-October-24
A Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State2014-October-22
Poll: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon Reject IS2014-October-17
Hamas Searches for a New Strategy2014-October-14
Turkey Wants to Oust Assad 2014-October-10
Strengthen Moderate Rebels in Southern Syria2014-October-07
Don't Let Iran Off the Hook on Nuclear Talks2014-October-07
Lebanon: The Next Front Line in the Islamic State Onslaught2014-October-06
The Khorasan Group Should Scare Us2014-October-02
The Strength of ISIS-Type Groups in Gaza and Sinai2014-September-30
From Gaza to ISIS: Assessing Change in Today's Middle East2014-September-16
Preventing ISIS Inroads in Jordan2014-September-05
ISIS May Pose a Growing Threat to Jordan2014-September-04
Lebanon in Danger of Becoming the Next ISIS Victim 2014-September-04
Saudi Arabia Ups Pressure on Qatar2014-September-01
Who Won the Gaza War?2014-August-28
Military Implications of the Syrian Regime's Defeat in Raqqa2014-August-28
Best Friends Don't Have to Ask2014-August-18
No Iran Deal Is Better Than Any (Feasible) Deal2014-August-14
Hamas Could Have Chosen Peace; Instead, It Made Gaza Suffer2014-August-12
Gaza Talks in Cairo: Cease-Fire May Be All that Israel and Hamas Can Agree On 2014-August-08
Gaza Is Not About to Become an Islamic State2014-August-08
U.S. Must Play Hardball in Nuclear Talks with Iran2014-July-22
Iran Can Afford to Say No to a Nuclear Deal 2014-July-22
ISIS Poses Threat Beyond Iraq2014-July-04
Washington's Response to the West Bank Murders 2014-July-04

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