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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Judging Whether the Iran Deal Is Acceptable 2015-June-19
U.S. Seen "Moving the Goal Posts" on Iran's Past Military Nuclear Work 2015-June-18
How to Make Sure Iran's One-Year Nuclear Breakout Time Does Not Shrink2015-June-18
Contextualizing Israeli Concerns about the Iran Nuclear Deal 2015-June-05
The Crisis of the Assad Regime 2015-May-29
Khamenei's Nuclear Instructions: Public Versus Private2015-May-29
BDS' Useless Politics of Confrontation2015-May-25
Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout 2015-May-22
Khamenei Is Not Preparing the Iranian Public for Compromise 2015-May-22
Hizbullah in Syria: Winning the Battle, Losing the War2015-May-22
Top Member of U.S. Negotiating Team: Most West Bank Housing Tenders Announced During Peace Talks Were on Land Abbas Agreed Would Remain Israeli2015-May-13
Assuring Uneasy Gulf Allies: The Military Dimension2015-May-08
The Islamic State on Defense2015-May-05
Netanyahu: "No Iran Deal Is Better than This Bad Deal"2015-May-04
Why America Needs Israel 2015-May-01
Iran Won't Give Up on Its Revolution2015-April-27
Classic Blood Libel Against Jews Goes Mainstream in Iran2015-April-24
The Iranian Deal in Middle Eastern Geopolitics2015-April-09
How Iran Outmaneuvered the U.S. in Nuclear Talks 2015-April-07
Israel Believes Washington Did Not Maximize Its Leverage with Iran 2015-April-07
Khamenei's Silence2015-April-06
The Battle for Idlib, Syria: Military Implications2015-April-01
Iran's Nuclear Breakout Time: 7 to 8 Months 2015-March-30
Arab States Gear Up for War 2015-March-30
Obama Toys with Cutting Israel Adrift in the Security Council 2015-March-30
Did Washington Ask Netanyahu about His "Two-State" Statement before Criticizing Him?2015-March-23
Egypt's Al-Nour Party: A Salafi Partner in the Fight Against Terrorism?2015-March-18
What Congress's Iran Letter Signals about Obama's Diplomacy2015-March-13
Saudi Nuclear Deal Raises Stakes for Iran Talks2015-March-12
Iran's Next Supreme Leader and the Nuclear Deal 2015-March-12
Israeli Intelligence Questions Washington's Claim on Iran Nuclear Breakout Time2015-March-09
Netanyahu's Three Objections to a U.S. Deal with Iran2015-March-06
Obama Needs to Answer Netanyahu2015-March-05
Iran's Provocative Naval Exercise: Motives and Implications 2015-March-05
Dealing with a Bad Iranian Nuclear Agreement 2015-March-05
The U.S.-Israel Divide on Iran2015-February-23
Why the UN Security Council Can't Solve the Arab-Israel Conflict by Itself2015-February-18
Iraq's Pro-Iranian Shiite Militias Lead the War Against the Islamic State2015-February-17
Palestinian Moves to Join ICC Have Nothing to Do with Justice2015-February-13
Gaza Reconstruction Stalled by Fatah-Hamas Deadlock2015-February-13
Assessing the Strategic Threat from ISIS2015-February-13
The "New Normal"? Parsing Iran Policy in the U.S. and Israel2015-February-13
Secret Iranian Unit Fueling Mideast Bloodshed with Illicit Arms Shipments2015-February-12
Jordan Unlikely to Become a Regional Sparta2015-February-10
Why the CIA Killed Imad Mughniyeh 2015-February-10
The Search for Hizbullah's Imad Mughniyeh2015-February-05
The Palestinian Authority's International Criminal Court Gambit: A True Partner for Peace?2015-February-05
A Deal with the Devil? Why Washington Should Not Pin Its Hopes on Rouhani 2015-January-30
The Islamic State's Model 2015-January-30
U.S. Policy in Syria: A Recipe to Contain, Not Defeat, ISIS2015-January-27

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