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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Russia Unlikely to Help Syria Break Away from Iranian Influence2021-December-27
Fighter Aircraft Could Give Iran a Nuclear Delivery Option2021-December-23
Improving the Potential for a Diplomatic Resolution to the Iran Nuclear Challenge2021-December-23
Iran's Missile Arsenal Growing in Size, Reach, and Accuracy2021-December-16
Poll: Egyptians Dislike both Iran and Israel2021-December-16
In Militants' Hands, Drones Emerge as a Deadly New Wild Card in the Middle East 2021-December-09
As America Retrenches, Israel Becomes an Increasingly Valued Partner2021-November-11
A Blurred Line between Civil Society and Terrorism: Examining Charges of NGOs Funding the PFLP2021-November-08
The Threat of War Is the Only Way to Achieve Peace with Iran2021-November-01
Washington Needs to Turn Up the Pressure on Tehran 2021-October-28
A Pro-Israel Summit in Erbil Breaks New Ground2021-October-04
When Israeli and Egyptian Leaders Meet2021-September-15
U.S. Credibility Will Weather Afghanistan2021-August-30
How Afghanistan Influences Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Iran's Approach to Israel 2021-August-26
A New Israeli Prime Minister Visits the White House 2021-August-26
How Iran's Deadly Tanker Attack Is Linked to the Nuclear Deal 2021-August-12
Egypt's Nile Water Conspiracies 2021-August-12
Will the PA and EU Allow Israel to Resolve the Khan al-Ahmar Issue? 2021-August-02
How the U.S. Could Empower Its Ally, Israel, to Deter Iran2021-July-26
Iran as a Challenge to Jerusalem and Washington 2021-July-01
The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn't the Problem, Iran Is 2021-July-01
U.S. Conducts Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Against Iranian-Backed Militias2021-June-28
Prospects of a Long-Term Armistice with Hamas2021-June-24
"A Nuclear Iran Is the End of the Middle East"2021-June-17
Former ADL Head Abe Foxman Cancels New York Times Subscription over Front-Page "Blood Libel"2021-May-31
A Military Assessment of the Israel-Hamas Conflict2021-May-27
Winning the Gaza Ceasefire: "Reconstruction or Rockets"2021-May-24
Implications of Postponing the Palestinian Elections2021-May-03
For Diplomacy to Work, Iran Must Understand that It Cannot Overplay Its Hand2021-April-29
Condition Reopening Washington PLO Office on Ending PA's "Pay to Slay" Program 2021-April-29
Hamas Fields a Militant Electoral List: Implications for U.S.-Palestinian Ties 2021-April-22
Iran and Israel's Undeclared War at Sea: IRGC-Hizbullah Financing Schemes2021-April-08
Yemen's "Hizbullah": Implications of Houthi Missile and Drone Improvements2021-April-05
Palestinian Jailed for Murder Will Challenge Abbas' Party in Election 2021-April-01
Egypt-Turkey Rapprochement Is Constraining the Muslim Brotherhood 2021-April-01
Iran's Religious and Socioeconomic Activities in Syria 2021-March-25
Securing Peace in the Middle East 2021-March-25
Jihadi Movements 2021: ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hayat Tahrir al Sham 2021-March-22
Lifting Sanctions Now Will Guarantee More Iranian Pressure2021-March-18
Jordan Working to Ease Tensions after Cancellation of Jordanian Prince's Visit to Al Aqsa 2021-March-15
Understanding Iran's Vast Media Network in Arab Countries 2021-March-11
Addressing Iran's Weaponization Work2021-March-11
U.S. Balances Human Rights and Mideast Security 2021-March-04
Implications of the U.S. Strike on Iranian Proxies in Syria2021-March-01
Israel Braces for U.S. Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2021-February-25
U.S. Can't Negotiate with Iran as Its Proxies Attack Our Troops 2021-February-22
Assad Controls 2/3 of Syria2021-February-18
Khamenei Plans to Delay Nuclear Negotiations2021-February-11
Will the Palestinian Election Decree Produce Actual Elections?2021-February-04
Pieces of U.S. Foreign Policy Worth Keeping 2021-February-01

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