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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Implications of the U.S. Strike on Iranian Proxies in Syria2021-March-01
Israel Braces for U.S. Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2021-February-25
U.S. Can't Negotiate with Iran as Its Proxies Attack Our Troops 2021-February-22
Assad Controls 2/3 of Syria2021-February-18
Khamenei Plans to Delay Nuclear Negotiations2021-February-11
Will the Palestinian Election Decree Produce Actual Elections?2021-February-04
Pieces of U.S. Foreign Policy Worth Keeping 2021-February-01
How the PA Should Approach the Biden Administration 2021-January-28
Biden Doesn't Need to Rush Back into the Iran Nuclear Deal to Defuse Tensions2021-January-21
Few Egyptians Want Normalization with Israel 2021-January-21
Biden's Iran Policy: Relief Shouldn't Come without Iranian Concessions2020-December-31
The Unknown Story of Moroccan Holocaust Survivors2020-December-17
New Saudi Poll Shows Sharp Rise in Support for Israel Ties2020-December-10
Israeli Policy toward Renewed Negotiations with Iran 2020-November-26
On Israel, Biden Is Not Just Another Version of Obama 2020-November-12
Washington Experts View Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2020-November-12
Was the Balfour Declaration a Colonial Document? 2020-October-29
Saudi Prince Bandar Tells Palestinians: We Won't Cover for You Any Longer 2020-October-22
Hizbullah's Secrets Explode - and Are Covered Up - Again 2020-October-12
How Azerbaijan Juggles Israel and Iran 2020-October-08
F-35 Sale to the UAE: How to Balance Competing Priorities2020-September-24
Israel's Vulnerable New Friends2020-September-21
The Abraham Accords May Herald New Security Structures for the Middle East2020-September-17
Israel's Right to Self-Determination Does Not Depend on the Palestinians2020-August-27
Gulf Arab "Exasperation" Led to UAE-Israel Normalization 2020-August-24
The Israel-UAE Agreement Offers a Chance for a New Peace Paradigm 2020-August-20
The Israel-UAE Agreement Is a Key Step for Peace and Sends a Crucial Message to Palestinians 2020-August-17
Israel-UAE Deal Is Win-Win-Win, Palestinians Included 2020-August-17
Egyptian Public Concerned about Internal Problems, Not Israel 2020-June-30
Palestinian Views on War and Peace with Israel2020-June-23
Why the ICC Prosecutor Is Wrong on Oslo 2020-June-17
Assad's Forces Move South 2020-June-04
Reduced Demand Has Complicated Plans for Eastern Mediterranean Gas2020-May-28
Syrian Army Preparing New Offensive Closer to Israeli Border2020-May-19
How Turkey Shifted the Air War in the Battle for Tripoli2020-May-15
Why Abdullah Is King of Jordan2020-May-04
Coronavirus in the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem 2020-May-01
Iran's Evolving Approach to Asymmetric Naval Warfare2020-April-27
Hizbullah Suffers Blow to Funding from Iran amid Pandemic2020-April-23
Hizbullah's Corona Quagmire 2020-April-22
Opposing an IMF Loan to Iran2020-April-20
The Two-State Solution and U.S. Interests2020-April-14
Syria's Shrinking Rebel Pocket in Idlib 2020-March-27
Most Palestinians Want to Work with Israel Against Coronavirus, though Nearly Half Think It Is Deliberately Spread2020-March-26
Israelis Familiar with Disruptions to Daily Life2020-March-23
Why the U.S. Peace Plan Still Matters2020-March-20
Poll: Views of Jerusalem Arabs Harden toward Israel2020-March-17
Coronavirus in Iran: Regime Culpability and Resiliency2020-March-13
How and Why Iran Has Lost its Position as Head of the Shiite World2020-March-10
Poll: Most Palestinians Still Seek to Rule All of Historical Palestine, including Israel2020-March-09

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