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U.S. State Department

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American Forces Kill Senior Al-Qaeda Leader in Libya 2018-March-29
U.S. Sanctions Iranian Cyber Actors Who Targeted Hundreds of Universities2018-March-27
U.S. Busts "Massive" Iranian Hacking Scheme 2018-March-27
Taylor Force Act a Turning Point in U.S. Stance on PA Terror Payments2018-March-22
Israel Is the Star at a National Security Conference in Mississippi2018-March-16
Is Favoring Israel an American National Security Interest?2018-March-14
U.S. to Open Embassy in Jerusalem in May2018-February-26
Palestinians Attack U.S. Delegation in West Bank2018-February-23
U.S. Wants Europeans to Commit to Improve Iran Deal2018-February-19
The Coming Conflict between Iran and Israel2018-February-16
U.S. State Department: Possible Netanyahu Indictment an "Internal Israeli Matter"2018-February-14
State Department: U.S. "Strongly Supports Israel's Sovereign Right to Defend Itself"2018-February-12
Hamas Head Ismail Haniyeh Now on U.S. Terrorist List2018-February-08
U.S. "Gravely Alarmed" after Fresh Syria Chemical Weapons Attack2018-February-06
U.S. Helped Thwart Irish Effort to Boycott Israel2018-February-06
New U.S. Messages to the Palestinians2018-February-02
The IRS Campaign Against Israel 2018-February-02
U.S. Designates Hamas Political Leader as "Global Terrorist"2018-February-01
U.S. Delegation Flees Bethlehem Event as Palestinians Protest2018-January-31
Report: U.S. Reexamining All Aid to Palestinians2018-January-25
Pence Says U.S. Embassy to Make Jerusalem Move Next Year on Faster Timetable2018-January-23
Remarks by Vice President Mike Pence in the Knesset 2018-January-23
U.S. Won't Pay Additional $45 Million Pledged for Palestinian Aid2018-January-19
Pentagon: U.S. Not Forming New "Army" in Syria2018-January-18
Secretary of State Tillerson Warns of the Iranian Threat in Syria 2018-January-18
U.S. to Hold Back Half of Expected Aid to UNRWA2018-January-17
State Department: Aid Cut to UNRWA "Not Aimed at Punishing Anyone"2018-January-17
U.S. Weighs Cutting Aid to Palestinian Refugees 2018-January-10
Defining "Occupied" and the Semantic Battle for Peace 2018-January-05
Anti-Israel Bias Reigns at Columbia University2018-January-05
U.S. Ambassador Friedman Tells State Department to Stop Using the Word "Occupation"2017-December-27
White House Pledges to Stand Firm on Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital2017-December-25
An American Paradigm Shift 2017-December-22
Worcester Police Chief Studies Counterterrorism in Israel2017-December-22
Did the U.S. Let Hizbullah Off the Hook as Part of the Iran Deal? 2017-December-18
Tillerson: On Jerusalem, Trump Is Obeying the Will of the American People2017-December-08
"It Is Time to Officially Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel" 2017-December-07
Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, White House Confirms 2017-December-06
U.S. to Allow PLO D.C. Office to Remain Open with "Limitations"2017-November-27
Under Pressure, Abbas Retreats from Prosecuting Israel in International Courts2017-November-24
State Department: U.S. Wants PLO's Washington Office to Stay Open2017-November-22
U.S. Threatens to Close Palestinian Office in Washington 2017-November-20
House Panel OKs Bill to Sanction Financial Backers of Hamas2017-November-16
U.S. Says Russia Agrees to Elimination of Iranian-Backed Militias from Syria2017-November-13
U.S. Policy on Jerusalem Embassy Held Hostage by Threats and Outdated Arguments2017-November-10
Who Saved Israel in 1947? 2017-November-08
Implications of the New Iran Revolutionary Guard Sanctions 2017-October-23
U.S. Kills Pakistani Taliban Leader in Afghanistan 2017-October-20
U.S. Treasury Ramps Up Sanctions on Iran 2017-October-19
The United States Withdraws from UNESCO2017-October-13

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