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U.S. State Department

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The Current Paradigm about Israel and Its Neighbors Is Increasingly at Odds with Reality2019-April-19
Video: America and the International Criminal Court2019-April-19
Pompeo Announces Designation of Islamic Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Group2019-April-09
U.S. to Designate Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a Foreign Terror Group2019-April-08
U.S. Revokes Visa of International Criminal Court Prosecutor2019-April-08
U.S. Envoy to Iran: More Sanctions, No New Oil Waivers2019-March-29
Video: Why Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights Matters2019-March-29
U.S. to Update Maps to Show Golan Heights as Israeli Territory2019-March-28
U.S. Sanctions Iranians Named in Nuclear Archive Exposed by Israel2019-March-26
U.S. Sanctions Organizations and Individuals Linked to Iran's Past Nuclear Weapons Effort2019-March-26
Pompeo Denies U.S. Stance on Golan Violates UN Resolutions2019-March-25
Pompeo: Israel's Battle for the Golan "Was Israeli Heroism at Its Most Amazing"2019-March-22
Trump's Golan Announcement Was No Impulse Tweet2019-March-22
Pompeo in Jerusalem: Iran Seeks the Annihilation of Israel2019-March-21
U.S. Drops Reference to "Israeli-Occupied" Golan Heights2019-March-14
U.S. Says Iran Has Lost $10 Billion in Oil Revenue Due to Sanctions2019-March-14
U.S. Says Closing Consulate in Jerusalem Is No Policy Shift2019-March-04
U.S. Envoy: Anti-Zionism Is a Form of Anti-Semitism 2019-February-22
U.S.: Israel Had the Right to End the Mandate of International Observers in Hebron2019-February-08
Declassified U.S. Document: Palestinian Schools Teaching Hate2019-February-08
Attorney Elan Carr Tapped as U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy2019-February-05
U.S. Officials Fear ISIS Fighters Are Lying Low, Not Defeated2019-February-05
3 European Nations Create Firm to Trade with Iran, But Will Anyone Use It?2019-February-01
Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis 2019-January-22
Pompeo in Cairo: America Is a Force for Good in the Middle East2019-January-11
U.S. Intensifies Bombing in Syria after Announced Withdrawal2019-January-07
U.S. Warns Iranian Regime on Space Launches2019-January-04
Getting America Out of Syria2019-January-04
U.S. Confirms Israel's "Right to Self-Defense" Against Iran2018-December-31
It Wasn't Possible for America to Compete with Russia, Iran and Turkey to Impact Syria's Future2018-December-24
State Department: We Recognized Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Because It's a Recognition of Reality2018-December-13
U.S.: Hizbullah Terror Tunnels _Violate the Most Basic Premise of Sovereignty_2018-December-11
Campaign Against U.S.-Israel Police Programs Is the BDS Version of a Blood Libel2018-December-06
Israeli Prime Minister, U.S. Secretary of State Meet in Brussels2018-December-04
U.S.: Iran Floods Unstable Regions with Advanced Weaponry2018-November-30
U.S. Promises Israel It Will Press International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran Atomic Archive2018-November-27
U.S. Secretary of State Calls Iranian President's Comments "Dangerous and Irresponsible"2018-November-27
Pompeo: U.S. Commitment to Saudi Arabia Is Vital to National Security2018-November-21
Washington Questions Leaks in Khashoggi Case2018-November-19
U.S.: Palestinian Efforts to Join International Bodies Are "Premature and Counterproductive"2018-November-19
U.S. Designates Son of Hizbullah Leader a Terrorist2018-November-14
Trudeau Warns Against Modern Anti-Semitism in Apology for Turning Away Jewish Refugees Fleeing Nazis 2018-November-09
U.S. Grants Eight Countries Temporary Iran Oil Sanctions Waivers2018-November-02
Progress without Peace in the Israeli-Arab Conflict 2018-November-02
U.S. Sanctions on Iran Pressure Tehran's Regional Allies2018-October-26
U.S. Base in Syria Counters Iran's Expansion 2018-October-23
U.S. to Merge U.S. Embassy Jerusalem and U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem2018-October-19
PA Arrests Palestinian-American for Property Sale to Jews 2018-October-19
Iran's Growing Influence in Syria Sparks Concern 2018-October-16
Israeli Minister Rejects U.S. Student's Promise Not to Promote BDS While in Israel2018-October-12

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