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U.S. State Department

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Hamas Invites Sanctions If It Clings to Terror2006-February-02
China and Russia Support Sending Iran Case to UN2006-January-31
U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote2006-January-30
Saudi Interest in America2006-January-17
Norway: U.S. Threats after Boycott Support2006-January-09
Who Are Those Guys? Understanding the Ties between Ansar al-Islam, the GSPC, the Sudanese Islamic Army, and al-Qaeda2006-January-09
Washington's Incoherent Attitude to Syria2005-December-30
U.S. to Punish Nine Companies Said to Help Iran on Arms 2005-December-28
Navy Diver's Killer Held in Beirut2005-December-22
An Iranian Lie2005-December-22
Germany Releases Hizballah Hijacker Sought By U.S.2005-December-21
Germany Releases Hizballah Hijacker Sought By U.S.2005-December-21
Zarqawi and Israel: Is There a New Jihadi Threat Destabilizing the Eastern Front? 2005-December-15
Ending Terrorism Against Israel 2005-December-13
Islamic Jihad Leader Lives to Fight Holy War 2005-December-06
U.S. Attorney General: The Threat is Real - and the Need for Americans to Stay Vigilant Remains Vital2005-December-02
# Paying for Terror. How Jihadist Groups Are Using Organized-Crime Tactics and Profits to Finance Attacks 2005-December-02
UN Halts Talks on Terrorism Treaty; U.S. Funding Cut Threatened2005-December-01
The Torture Rule Book 2005-November-18
Why Rice Pushed So Hard on Gaza Border Deal2005-November-16
Agreement on Movement and Access in Palestinian Territories and at Egypt-Gaza Border2005-November-16
Egypt Derails Middle East Initiative 2005-November-15
Syrian Chief Voices Defiance Against "Foreign Attack" 2005-November-11
Quartet to Syria: Shut Islamic Jihad Down2005-October-31
U.S. Official Says Israeli, PA Road Map Obligations Not Equal2005-October-24
State Dept. Gives Mixed Message to Israel After Terror Attack2005-October-19
Secretary Rice Reiterates American Warnings to Syria2005-October-17
The Chirac Doctrine 2005-October-14
U.S. Study: World May Have to Live with Nuclear Iran2005-October-14
Rectifying UN Wrongs2005-September-20
Secretary Rice: Is Syrian Government Smart Enough to Change Behavior?2005-September-16
Iran to Give Nuclear Technology to Muslims2005-September-16
U.S. Envoy Says "Patience is Running Out" with Syria 2005-September-13
U.S. Diplomats Make First Visit to Gaza in 18 Months2005-August-17
U.S., Israel End Crisis Over Security Exports2005-August-17
Be Consistent in Identifying "Terrorists"2005-August-09
A Return to Defensible Borders2005-August-03
U.S.-Israel Crisis Deepens Over Defense Exports 2005-July-27
We Cannot Hold Israel Responsible 2005-July-26
Attacks Bear Earmarks of Al-Qaeda2005-July-08
Disengage from the Rhetoric2005-July-06
Disengage from the Rhetoric2005-July-06
Disengage from the Rhetoric2005-July-06
A Pro-Israel Lobby and an FBI Sting2005-June-30
Aid Proposals Put Egypt on Notice that U.S. Is Rethinking Relationship2005-June-29
Reading Them the Riyadh Act2005-June-27
Rice Warns Israel: Don't Stop with Gaza; Don't Create "Facts on the Ground" East of Jerusalem2005-June-20
Following Terrorists' Money2005-June-09
The Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of 2005 2005-June-09
Now Please Vacate Your Thrones2005-May-27

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