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U.S. State Department

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U.S. Offers $5M Reward for Palestinian Bomb-Maker2009-November-25
Hizbullah Official Indicted in U.S. Over Attempt to Smuggle 1,200 Machine Guns2009-November-25
U.S. Moves to Block Restitution from Iran in Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing 2009-November-20
U.S. Seizes Properties Tied to Iran2009-November-13
How the U.S. Views the Challenge of Iran2009-November-11
Palestine's Missing Critics: Where's the Outrage for Ramallah's Atrocities?2009-November-03
Secret Mission Rescues Yemen's Jews2009-November-02
U.S. Calls UN Resolution "Unbalanced"2009-October-19
U.S. and Iran Make Offers on Nuclear Talks 2009-October-01
32 U.S. Senators: Block Action Against Israel Over Goldstone Report2009-September-30
Few Choices Left on Iran2009-September-30
Quartet Calls on Israel, Palestinians to Ignore Roadmap Reciprocity2009-September-25
Clinton: "We Have No Appetite for Talks Without Action"2009-September-21
Diplomatic Engagement with Syria 2009-September-15
Are Inaccurate Media Reports Hurting the U.S.-Israel Relationship?2009-September-07
Iran Ready for Talks, Says Nuclear Negotiator2009-September-02
U.S.: Settlements No Precondition on Mideast Talks2009-August-28
U.S. Criticizes Israel for PA Visitors Policy2009-August-21
Engaging Iran on Human Rights2009-August-18
Will U.S. Get Syria to Give Up Its Bad Behavior?2009-August-14
Is Eastern Jerusalem "Occupied Territory"? 2009-August-14
State Department: U.S. Policy Toward Hizbullah Has Not Changed2009-August-10
U.S. Dispels Fears over Israel Sanctions2009-July-24
IDF Mulls Possible U.S. Aid Halt Effects2009-July-23
An Israeli Consensus for Jewish Sovereignty in Jerusalem2009-July-22
State Department: Financial Sanctions on Israel "Premature"2009-July-22
State Department Doesn't See Both Sides of Middle East Conflict 2009-July-21
U.S. Tells Israel to Halt Construction Project in Eastern Jerusalem2009-July-20
U.S. Takes 1,350 Palestinian Refugees2009-July-09
U.S.: Arab States Must Take Steps for Peace in Tandem with Israel2009-July-08
Taliban Buying Children for Suicide Bombers2009-July-03
U.S. Sanctions Iran Firm Linked to North Korea2009-July-01
U.S. Insists Settlement Freeze Includes Eastern Jerusalem 2009-June-23
Mitchell Defines Natural Growth in Settlements2009-June-18
1979 State Dept. Legal Opinion Raises New Questions About Israeli Settlements 2009-June-18
Did Netanyahu Pass the Obama Test?2009-June-16
U.S. Policy on Israeli Settlements2009-June-09
U.S. Will Continue to Support Israel at UN 2009-June-02
Clinton Presses Israel on Settlements2009-May-21
Washington Committed to Seeking Syria-Israel Deal2009-May-08
U.S. Rejects Syria's Call for Dialogue with Hamas, Hizbullah2009-May-05
U.S.: Iran Remains Most Active State Sponsor of Terrorism2009-May-01
Country Reports on Terrorism 2008: Foreign Terrorist Organizations 2009-May-01
U.S. Won't Set Timelines for Iran Talks2009-April-30
U.S. Shuns "Durban 2" UN Racism Conference2009-April-20
U.S. Will Do the Right Thing by Shunning Hateful UN Conference 2009-April-17
Diplomacy Without Sincerity2009-April-13
Israel's Response to the Roadmap in 20032009-April-08
Obama's Strategy Might Undermine Iranian Hard-Liners2009-April-07
U.S.: UN Expert "Biased" on Israel's Gaza Offensive2009-March-24

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