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U.S. State Department

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U.S. to Use Iranian Fuel Sale Proceeds to Aid Terror Victims2020-November-02
Abraham Accords Reflect Arab Leaders' Fatigue with Palestinians 2020-November-02
State Department: Palestinian Government Continues Payments to Terrorists2020-November-02
U.S. Offers up to $10 Million Reward for Information on Hizbullah Financial Networks2020-October-29
The UN Should Stop Funding the Palestinian Narrative 2020-October-29
Erdogan's Turkey Is Planning a New World Order2020-October-29
Status of UN Arms Embargo on Iran2020-October-19
U.S. Warns Turkey over Test of Russian S-400 Missile System 2020-October-19
Syria Is Still Trying to Use Chemical Weapons 2020-October-08
UAE-Israel Treaty Is Far Larger Step Towards Peace than Critics Allege 2020-September-29
A Process to End the Arab-Israeli Conflict2020-September-24
Maybe We Peace Process Veterans Were Wrong 2020-September-24
The Return of UN Sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran2020-September-21
U.S. Threatens to Sanction Arms Makers that Sell to Iran2020-September-17
U.S. Sanctions International Criminal Court Prosecutor Bensouda2020-September-03
U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions on 14 Iranians over Human-Rights Violations 2020-August-24
U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo Arrives in Israel 2020-August-24
U.S. Announces "Snapback" of Sanctions on Iran2020-August-20
New York Times Claims Internationally Embraced Anti-Semitism Definition Is "Disputed" 2020-August-06
Iran Will Expand Nuclear Program and Won't Talk to U.S., Ayatollah Khamenei Says 2020-August-03
Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking 2020-July-20
U.S. Calls on UN Security Council to Extend Arms Embargo on Iran2020-July-02
U.S. Sanctions Major Iranian Metals Companies2020-June-26
Greenblatt: French Accusations Against Israel Are an Attack Against the United States2020-June-26
Pompeo: Extending Sovereignty Is Up to Israel2020-June-25
U.S. Report Highlights Iran's Support for Terrorism2020-June-25
U.S. to Reform VOA Persian over Pro-Iran Bias2020-June-19
U.S. Hits Syria's Elite with New Economic and Travel Sanctions2020-June-18
Secretary of State Pompeo: ICC Targeting Israel for Political Purposes2020-June-12
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iranian Shipping Network over Proliferation2020-June-09
U.S. and Iran Exchange Prisoners in Deal 2020-June-05
Pompeo: U.S. Could Make Moves Against International Criminal Court in "Coming Days"2020-June-02
Sovereignty over the Jordan Valley Is Key to Israel's Security2020-June-01
Keeping the World Safe from Iran's Nuclear Program 2020-May-28
U.S. Sanctions Former Iranian Intelligence Chief behind Deadly Bombings of Jewish Targets2020-May-21
Applying Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of Judea and Samaria according to the U.S. Peace Plan - Implications2020-May-21
The International Criminal Court's Illegitimate Prosecutions2020-May-18
State Dept. Officials: "We Didn't Fly Halfway around the World to Talk about Annexation"2020-May-14
U.S. Secretary of State Arrives in Israel for Talks2020-May-13
Remarks by Secretary Pompeo in Jerusalem2020-May-13
U.S. Eyes Troop Drawdown in Egypt's Restive Sinai2020-May-08
Report: ICC Colluding with Terror-Tied Groups to Push Prosecution of U.S., Israeli Personnel2020-May-07
U.S.: Iran's Space Program Is Dangerous, Not Peaceful2020-April-27
Coronavirus Grant to Palestinians Not a Policy Change on Aid Cuts, U.S. Officials Say2020-April-17
Israel's Shadow Campaign Offers Lessons for U.S. in Standoff with Iran, Report Says 2020-April-14
Iran in Crisis: Corona, Sanctions, Uranium2020-April-07
U.S. Sanctions Iran's Terror Network in Iraq2020-March-27
U.S. Hostage in Iranian Custody Robert Levinson Believed Dead 2020-March-26
U.S. Designates Iran-Backed "League of the Righteous" as Foreign Terrorist Organization2020-March-25
Khamenei's Lies about the Coronavirus Put Lives at Risk2020-March-24

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