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U.S. State Department

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Flotilla Incident Complicates Relations with U.S.2010-June-01
UN Sanctions Loophole: Russia Can Send Missiles to Iran 2010-May-21
U.S. Signals Unease over Russian-Syrian Nuclear Talks2010-May-13
State Department: Syria a State Sponsor of International Terrorism for Thirty Years2010-May-06
Ahmadinejad to Visit U.S. for UN Nuclear Meeting2010-April-29
U.S. Denies It Blocked Israeli Strike on Syrian Weapons Convoys to Hizbullah2010-April-27
U.S. Messages to Syria May Not Be Getting Through 2010-April-26
State Department: Israel Has Proposed Ideas to Address U.S. Concerns2010-April-23
U.S. Warns Syria on Weapons Transfers 2010-April-21
Iranian Missile Could "Probably" Reach U.S. by 2015 2010-April-21
Imposed Solution in the Middle East 2010-April-09
U.S. Weighs Offering Mideast Peace Proposal2010-April-08
Israel Fears Obama Heading for Imposed Mideast Settlement2010-March-29
Crisis with U.S. Gives Encouragement to Israel's Enemies2010-March-26
Netanyahu, Obama Meet at White House2010-March-24
U.S. Sanctions Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV2010-March-19
The U.S. "Condemnation" of Israel: Facts and Perspective Needed2010-March-19
Clinton Dismisses Any Crisis with Israel2010-March-17
Leaders Push Back on U.S. Criticism of Israel 2010-March-15
State Department Criticizes Goldstone Report, Palestinian Rhetoric2010-March-12
State Department: New West Bank Homes Don't Violate Freeze2010-March-09
Congress Hot to Trot on Iran Sanctions 2010-March-09
Iran Faces New Sanctions from U.S. and UK If Russia and China Block UN Proposals2010-March-08
Israel's Historic Roots Are Real2010-March-04
U.S. Says It Does Not Seek Crippling Sanctions on Iran2010-February-26
U.S. Slams Israel over Designating Heritage Sites2010-February-25
U.S. Calls Iranian Nuclear Offer Unacceptable2010-February-24
U.S.: Iran Plan Is Further Evidence It Rejects Engagement2010-February-23
Don't Expect Progress from Talking to Syria2010-February-19
U.S. Reaches Out to Syria 2010-February-18
Pressure on Iran Increases from U.S.2010-February-17
U.S. Envoy Appointed as Link to Muslims 2010-February-16
Clinton Calls for Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations2010-February-15
Clinton Expected to Seek Saudi Arabia's Help in Confronting Iran 2010-February-15
The Sanctions on Iran Are Working2010-February-12
EU Lawmakers Vote Down U.S. Anti-Terror Deal 2010-February-12
New U.S. Ambassador Faces a Syria Stuck in its Ways2010-February-11
Clinton Outlines U.S. Stance on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations2010-February-05
Clinton: "Iran's Approach Leaves Us with Little Choice"2010-January-29
Syria's Financial Support for Jihad2010-January-21
Iran Rejects Western Nuclear Proposal2010-January-20
U.S. Crafting New, Low-Key Middle East Strategy 2010-January-15
U.S. Criticizes Jerusalem Building Project on Mount of Olives2010-January-06
Video: Israel's Right to Build in Jerusalem2010-January-01
U.S. Judge Frustrated by Administration Pass on PA Terror Case 2009-December-30
Poll: Obama Not Seen as Supportive by Israelis or Palestinians 2009-December-23
Next Stage on Iran Could Hold Real Peril 2009-December-22
U.S. Urges Saudis to Back Negotiations2009-December-10
U.S.: Status of Jerusalem Should Be Negotiated by Parties2009-December-09
Manipulating the Marketplace of Ideas 2009-November-27

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