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U.S. State Department

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U.S.: Syrian Elite Looking to Leave2012-February-14
The Iranian Threat to New York City2012-February-14
U.S. Posts Satellite Images of Syrian Army Attack on Homs2012-February-13
U.S.: "Our Red-Lines about Hamas Are the Same as Israel's"2012-February-08
Son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Barred from Leaving Egypt2012-January-27
Answering Iran2012-January-27
Who's Really Killing Those "Nuclear Scientists" in Tehran? 2012-January-18
U.S. Condemns Bomb Attack on Iran Nuclear Scientist2012-January-12
Top U.S. Official Meets Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 2012-January-12
Iran Sentences American Man to Death in CIA Case2012-January-09
Muslim Brotherhood Says Will Not Honor Peace Treaty with Israel 2012-January-09
U.S.: We Expect Muslim Brotherhood to Maintain Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty2012-January-06
Florida Fire Paramedic Rocky Parker Is Ready to Help Israel2011-December-30
Iran Threatens to Block Gulf Oil If Sanctions Applied2011-December-28
The Terrorists in Europe's Backyard 2011-December-20
Panetta: Time for Israel to "Take Bold Action" for Peace2011-December-05
U.S.: Israel, Palestinians Must Restart Direct Talks2011-December-05
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility for Rocket Fire from Lebanon 2011-November-30
Cyberwar Explodes in Syria2011-November-24
Prisoner Swap Opens Way for U.S. to Prosecute Terrorists Who Slew U.S. Citizens2011-November-11
U.S. Warns American Citizens, Turkey over Activists' Attempt to Break Israel's Gaza Blockade2011-November-04
U.S. Pulls Envoy Out of Syria over Security Concerns2011-October-25
Iraq, Siding with Iran, Sends Essential Aid to Syria's Assad 2011-October-10
U.S. Dismisses Iran's Nuclear Offer as "Empty Promises" 2011-October-03
Hamas Expanding Its Activities in Saudi Arabia, Turkey2011-September-28
Saudis Continue Anti-Israel Boycott 2011-September-16
U.S. Drops Israeli Company from Iran Sanctions List 2011-September-15
Clinton: Road to Palestine Does Not Run Through UN2011-September-14
PLO Ambassador Says Palestinian State Should Be Free of Jews2011-September-14
Fighting Terror, a Decade after 9/11 2011-September-09
U.S. Alarmed at Israeli-Turkish Breakdown in Ties 2011-September-07
For Yasser Arafat, Crime Certainly Paid2011-September-02
Proposed Legislation Would Cut Off Funds to UN Groups Elevating Status of Palestinian Mission2011-September-01
Iran and Al Qaeda's 2011-August-26
Syria Protests Travel by U.S. Ambassador without Government Permission2011-August-25
Rebels Overrun Gaddafi Compound2011-August-24
U.S. Puts Curbs on Syrian Diplomats2011-August-19
Court Lets U.S. Terror Victim's Family Sue Palestinian Authority2011-August-15
U.S. Threatens to Halt Gaza Aid Over Hamas Audits2011-August-12
State Department Funds MEMRI Study of Middle East Anti-Semitism2011-August-12
U.S. to Tell Assad that He Must Go2011-August-10
U.S. Expresses "Concern" over New Jerusalem Construction2011-August-10
Al-Qaeda in Iran - Editorial 2011-July-29
House Committee Saves Israeli Aid in Foreign Aid Cut2011-July-21
America's Intelligence Denial on Iran2011-July-20
U.S. Rejects Arab League Support for PA Statehood Bid 2011-July-15
White House Admits War with Iran2011-July-15
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Islam Has Replaced Communism as Top U.S. Enemy2011-July-14
Syrians Incited to Attack Western Embassies2011-July-12
U.S. Investigates Syrian Diplomats for Spying on U.S. Protesters2011-July-11

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