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U.S. State Department

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Syria Rebels Raid Assad's Arsenals 2012-December-18
Assad Forces Fire Scud Missiles in Syria2012-December-13
U.S. Denies Holding Backchannel Talks with Hamas2012-December-13
Syria: Has the Bubble Burst?2012-December-06
U.S.: Palestinian UN Bid Is a "Mistake," Negotiations Are Only Way Forward2012-November-28
Palestinians Submit Resolution on UN Status2012-November-27
Clinton to Netanyahu: Palestinian Rocket Attacks Must End2012-November-21
U.S. Condemns Hamas Rocket Fire2012-November-15
Syrian Rebels Wary of U.S. Push to Overhaul Opposition 2012-November-02
U.S. Works to Launch New Syrian Opposition Council 2012-October-31
U.S. Offers $12 Million for Iran-Based al-Qaeda Operatives 2012-October-22
Riots, Rage, Videos, and Free Speech2012-September-28
U.S. to Remove Iranian Group from Terror List2012-September-24
Hizbullah in Latin America: Terrorism and Organized Crime 2012-September-21
Arabs Sense Weakness2012-September-19
Deadly Embassy Attacks Were Days in the Making 2012-September-13
U.S. Seeks to Head Off New Palestinian UN Status Bid2012-September-11
U.S. Homeland Security Runs Threat Response Exercise with Jewish Leaders2012-September-07
State Department: We Will Continue to Provide Support for Rachel Corrie's Family2012-August-29
Washington Calls for Egyptian Transparency amid Military Buildup in Sinai 2012-August-22
Clinton at Holocaust Museum: Maintain Vigilance to Prevent Genocide2012-July-25
Man Sentenced in U.S. for Spying for Syrian Government2012-July-23
Clinton: U.S., Israel "On Same Page" Regarding Iran2012-July-17
Egyptian Foreign Minister Links Peace Treaty to Israel's Retreat to '67 Borders2012-July-16
The U.S.-Egyptian Relationship 2012-July-13
Iran and Syria Crises Are Closely Connected 2012-July-11
U.S. Opposes Settlement Report 2012-July-10
Egyptians Shift Views of U.S.2012-June-29
The Role of Iranian Security Forces in the Syrian Bloodshed 2012-June-22
How the U.S. Is Using Technology to Aid Syria's Rebels2012-June-14
Clinton: Iran Has "Hegemonic Ambitions"2012-June-13
U.S. Opposes Forcing Iran to Reveal Assets 2012-June-12
U.S. Fears Fresh Massacre in Syria2012-June-12
Houla Massacre: U.S. Accuses Iran of "Bragging" about its Military Aid to Syria 2012-May-30
U.S. Boosts Funding for Israel's "Iron Dome" Defense System2012-May-18
U.S. to Lift Ban on Iran Exile Group2012-May-15
Libyan Missiles on the Loose 2012-May-09
Iran's Nuclear Talks Agenda Aims at Easing Western Sanctions2012-May-03
Washington Mulls Upcoming Iran Nuclear Talks 2012-May-02
Is Jerusalem in Israel?2012-April-20
Clinton: Unilateral Israeli Strike on Iran Is in No One's Interest2012-April-04
In Hard-Liner's Surge, New Worries for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 2012-April-03
Pentagon Presses Congress for More Iron Dome Systems 2012-March-28
U.S. Supreme Court Half-Answers Jerusalem Passport Question2012-March-27
Lucy and the Football, Iran-Style?2012-March-09
U.S.: Iran Is Stepping Up Lethal Aid to Syria2012-March-05
U.S. Offers India Help in Replacing Iran Oil Supplies2012-February-24
Israel: Iran Will Have U.S.-Range Missile in 2-3 Years2012-February-23
U.S. Officials Believe Iran Sanctions Will Fail, Making Military Action Likely2012-February-20
Obama Administration to Seek Waiver on UNESCO Funding Ban 2012-February-17

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