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Shimon Shapira

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"Iran's Strategic Goal in Lebanon Has Been Achieved"2022-June-06
Hizbullah Escalates Its Drone Activity and Upgrades Its Precision-Guided Missiles 2022-February-21
Expert: Hizbullah Seeking to Avoid Civil War in Lebanon2021-October-25
Iranian Petroleum Products Will Arrive in Lebanon Soon 2021-August-05
Iran and Hizbullah View the 2021 Gaza War2021-June-28
Hizbullah: The World's Most Dangerous Terrorists2021-June-21
Hamas and Islamic Jihad's Military Dependence on Iran2021-June-03
Lessons from the 2021 Gaza War for Iran and Hizbullah 2021-May-27
The Struggle between Israel and Hizbullah: 1982-2020 2020-October-22
Israel Revealed the Weapons that Sit beneath Lebanon's Civilians2020-October-08
Inside the Struggle between Israel and Hizbullah2020-August-13
Hizbullah Faces Domestic Pressure in Lebanon2020-July-20
Video: 20 Years Since the End of the First Lebanon War2020-May-26
Hizbullah Makes Clear It Will Strike Israel from Lebanon Even If It Is Attacked in Syria 2020-April-22
How Hizbullah Is Dealing with the Coronavirus 2020-March-31
Soleimani Confirmed that Israel Didn't Kidnap Iranian Diplomats in Lebanon2020-March-02
Iran Tries to Fill Gen. Soleimani's Boots2020-January-23
Iran's Power Is an Illusion 2020-January-09
Qasem Soleimani, Who Connected All the Dots in Iran's Strategy, Targeted in Baghdad2020-January-08
Iran Opens a Second Front along Israel's Border2019-October-03
Who Killed Musa Sadr?2019-September-27
Countdown Begins toward a Battle between Israel and Hizbullah2019-September-10
In Response to Iran's Expanding Attacks, Israel Is Approaching Iran's Borders 2019-September-02
Iran and Hizbullah Are Preparing to Confront Israel in Response to Its Actions in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq2019-August-28
The Iranian Conquest of Syria2019-August-15
Iran Cannot Transport Precision Weapons, So It Builds Them in Lebanon 2019-June-05
Hizbullah's Operational Infrastructure Discovered on Golan Heights2019-March-13
Expert: Iran Is Working to Make Syria Shi'ite2019-February-28
Iran Is Ready to Take Risks in Its Struggle with Israel2019-January-21
Hizbullah's Operational Plan to Invade the Galilee through Underground Tunnels2018-December-04
Developing Northern Sinai - A New Diplomatic Paradigm 2018-October-18
Nasrallah Presents Hizbullah's Perception of Confrontation with Israel2018-August-24
Why Israel Must Target Iran's Presence in Syria2018-July-10
Iran Threatens to Close Persian Gulf Oil Chokepoint 2018-July-05
Hizbullah's Victory in the Lebanese Elections Completes Iran's Takeover of Lebanon2018-May-11
The New Iranian Expansion into the Sahara2018-May-09
The Implications of the Syrian T-4 Air Base Bombing 2018-April-10
Hizbullah Commander Imad Mughniyeh: 10 Years since His Assassination2018-February-14
Top Iranian Official Tours Israel-Lebanon Border2018-February-05
Iran Ignores Israel's Warnings 2017-December-29
Iran Preparing for War with Israel from Syria2017-December-12
Iran Steps Up Its Economic Domination in Syria 2017-October-19
After the Defeat of ISIS in Mosul, Iran Prepares for Regional Domination 2017-July-14
Hizbullah Boasts of Its New Power2017-July-10
Nasrallah Invites the Iranian Shi'ite Legion to the Next War with Israel2017-July-03
Iran Launches "Hizbullah Syria" to Open a New Front Against Israel on the Golan Heights2017-June-28
A Proposal for a Trump Initiative for the Economic Development of the West Bank and Gaza2017-May-16
Lebanon's Army and Hizbullah Join Ranks 2017-March-03
Saudis and Israelis Meet in India2015-June-12
Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran2015-June-05

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