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How Arab Rulers Undermined a Palestinian State 2022-May-04
Palestinian Actions Have Made Israel Averse to Territorial Compromise2021-June-07
Nuclear Archive Revelation Stirs Internal Iranian Dissent2018-May-04
Sadat and Begin - The Peacemakers2017-November-20
Finding a "Zone of Possible Agreement" for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations¬Ě2017-May-23
Do Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution?2017-April-05
Palestinian Public Opinion Is Behind Tel Aviv Terror Attack 2016-June-13
Sykes-Picot and the Zionists 2016-May-24
What Palestinians Think about the Knife Intifada2016-April-05
The U.S. Can Lead the Free World and Still Write Off the Middle East2013-November-15
Yitzhak Shamir's Perspective 2012-July-05
The Future of the Jews2012-April-27
Islamotopia: The Muslim Brotherhood's Idea of Democracy2011-November-24
Tunisia's Ghannouchi on the End of Israel2011-October-26
Showdown at the United Nations2011-September-19
A Referendum on Israel2011-September-15
The Other Existential Threat2010-October-05
Israel Through European Eyes2010-August-27
A Botched Raid, a Vital Embargo 2010-June-03
Are Jerusalem's Jewish Neighborhoods "Settlements"? 2010-March-29
Was Obama's Confrontation with Israel Premeditated?2010-March-18
Israel's Gaza Strategy2009-December-05
Israelis Brace for the Next Missile Attack 2009-October-30
Why Russia Is Not Afraid of an Iranian Bomb2009-October-13
The Demons of Arab-Israeli Normalization2009-October-02
The Unintended Consequences of the UN's Latest Indictment of Israel 2009-October-02
When Everything Is a Crime 2009-September-25
How to Effectively Sanction Hamas2009-August-07
How the U.S. Can Regain Israeli Trust2009-July-28
Obama Is Right, It's Time for Honesty 2009-June-19
Peace Has Never Been Up to Israel; It's Always Been Up to the Arabs2009-May-28
Michael Oren: Israel's Next Ambassador to U.S.2009-May-04
Obama and Netanyahu Can Unite on Iran2009-April-01
Syria's Cooperation with the West Remains a Challenge 2009-March-05
No Choice But to Fight2009-February-09
Gaza War Unites Israelis 2009-January-28
Save Gaza by Destroying the Heart of Terror2009-January-16
In Gaza, the Real Enemy is Iran2009-January-04
Palestinians Need Israel to Win2008-December-29
Beware of Engagement 2008-November-27
For Israel, No News Is Good News 2008-November-07
America's Interests in the Middle East 2008-October-08
Lessons from Recent Russian Moves in the Caucasus 2008-September-29
A New Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2008-September-02
There Won't Be "Peace" Without Democracy 2008-August-08
Waltzing with Beirut2008-July-15
Slaying of RFK Gave U.S. a First Taste of Mideast Terror 2008-June-06
Trusting Syria on the Golan Heights2008-May-28
Israel Is Now America's Closest Ally2008-May-07
From the Shores of Tripoli to the Tigris 2008-March-21

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