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Netanyahu: We Will Not Allow the Iranian Regime - that Calls for the Destruction of Israel - to Entrench Itself Militarily in Syria2017-December-04
The Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula2015-October-26
The New Middle East War: A Single Conflict from Baghdad to Beirut2014-July-03
The Iranian Strategy: Interminable Negotiations2014-June-20
The U.S. Should Not Cooperate with Iran on Iraq 2014-June-18
Why the Peace Process Will Continue2014-May-21
How Vladimir Putin Sees the Middle East2014-March-27
The Personal Touch in Arab-Israeli Diplomacy: Amb. Samuel W. Lewis2014-March-14
Can Iran Become a Cooperative Partner in Regional Security?2014-January-16
The Hidden Cost of the Iranian Nuclear Deal 2013-November-25
U.S. Relations with Allies in Free Fall2013-November-20
Israel Reacts with Alarm at What Its Leadership Sees as a Bad Deal 2013-November-13
Saudi Arabia Blames America for the Turmoil in Egypt2013-August-30
Kerry's Mideast Announcement 2013-July-22
U.S. Ospreys and Air Tankers Put Iran in Israel's Reach2013-June-28
Kerry's Improbable Peace Process Lacks Israeli and Palestinian Buy-In2013-June-06
The Arab Uprisings and the Rebirth of the Shia-Sunni Divide 2013-April-17
Israel's View of the Syrian Crisis2012-November-30
Should the U.S. Consider Cutting Military Aid to Egypt?2012-July-04
Brother Number One 2012-June-08
Obama Administration Takes Back Seat on Iran Sanctions2012-February-20
Panetta: Time for Israel to "Take Bold Action" for Peace2011-December-05
Analyst: Egyptians United in Dislike of Israel2011-December-01
The 2011 Arab Public Opinion Poll2011-November-24
How Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Will Win2011-November-04
What to Expect from the New Saudi Crown Prince2011-November-04
Looks Like that Iranian Plot Was Real After All2011-October-31
Getting Serious in Syria 2011-August-01
Changing the Middle East Status Quo2011-March-04
Could al-Qaeda Hijack Egypt's Revolution?2011-February-10
U.S.: There Is No Alternative to Negotiations2010-December-13
Netanyahu: Dividing Jerusalem Is Not Israeli Policy2010-December-13
Attitudes Toward the Middle East Peace Process: Surveys of Arab and Jewish Opinion in Israel and Public Opinion in the U.S.2010-December-10
Sanctioning Iran: If Only It Were So Simple2009-December-18
Netanyahu Offers Obama Room to Maneuver2009-June-15
Beyond Gaza2009-February-13
Arab States Awash in Oil Money, Will It Destroy Them? 2008-July-18
Indyk: Bush Seemed Uninvolved in His Own Peace Conference2007-November-29
Gathering Israelis and Arabs May Have Been the Real Feat2007-November-28
Israel, U.S. Shared Data on Suspected Nuclear Site, Bush Was Told of North Korean Presence in Syria 2007-September-21
Indyk: "Bush Hasn't the Time to Reach an Accord"2007-August-03
A "Two-State Solution," Palestinian-Style 2007-June-15
U.S. Cool to International Force for Gaza2007-June-14
A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key2007-April-30
Al-Qaeda Strikes Back2007-April-26
Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda2007-April-13
Containing the Spillover from an Iraqi Civil War 2007-February-16
Assad's Olive Branch Can Bear No Fruit 2006-December-28
Don't Count on Iran to Pick Up the Pieces 2006-December-08
Brookings: Iraqi Insurgents Number 20,000+, 800-2,000 Are Foreign Fighters 2006-November-16

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