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Peace Process

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Errors and Successes of the Oslo Agreement2018-August-31
Facing Reality about the Palestinian Refugees2018-August-24
Why the Economic Rehabilitation of Gaza Will Not Bring Peace 2018-August-06
U.S. Public Diplomacy Blitz Against Hamas Is a Paradigm Shift 2018-August-01
Episcopal Bishops Rejects Israel Divestment Resolution 2018-July-18
Palestinian Membership in UN Agencies: Mandatory Defunding under U.S. Law2018-July-13
The Chances of the Latest White House Peace Plan2018-June-29
Moderate Arab Nations May Back U.S. Peace Plan Despite PA Opposition2018-June-26
Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets Jordan's King Abdullah in Amman 2018-June-19
U.S. May Delay Rollout of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan 2018-June-15
Trump Mideast Envoy: The Palestinians Deserve So Much More than Saeb Erekat2018-June-11
How Israelis React to Deaths on Both Sides2018-June-08
U.S. Envoy Slams Flotilla 2018-May-29
Israel: Palestinian Referral to ICC Is Legally Invalid2018-May-23
U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem a Turning Point 2018-May-18
Israel "Did Everything We Could" to Avoid Bloodshed in Gaza 2018-May-17
U.S. Ended Palestinian Veto over Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital2018-May-14
Middle East Peace Will Come through Containment of the Iranian Threat 2018-May-11
The Palestinians Are at a Dead End 2018-May-04
Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians Should Take What the U.S. Offers2018-April-30
Former U.S. Peace Negotiator: Conditions for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Are Not Present2018-April-27
Trump Envoy Greenblatt Calls on Hamas to Relinquish Power2018-April-12
Should U.S. Aid to the Palestinians Be Suspended? 2018-March-19
The Palestinian Leadership Does Not Want to Return to Negotiations with Israel2018-March-15
The Munich Security Conference: Main Points and Implications for Israel2018-February-27
Palestinian Bid for UN Recognition of Little Value2018-February-16
Israel, the Palestinians, and the Administration's Peace Plan2018-February-16
Haley: Iran and Hizbullah Are Entrenching Themselves Inside Syria2018-February-15
Tillerson: U.S. Mideast Peace Plan Is "Fairly Well Advanced"2018-February-15
U.S.: Iran Should Withdraw from Other Mideast Countries and Send Their Forces Home2018-February-14
Iran Turning Its Sights on Israel2018-February-14
UK Foreign Secretary: We Support Israel's Right to Defend Itself2018-February-13
Israel Signaling a Heavy Price for Iranian "Entrenchment" in Syria2018-February-13
Hamas Head Ismail Haniyeh Now on U.S. Terrorist List2018-February-08
U.S. Envoy Sees "Growing Receptivity to Peace across the Region"2018-February-02
U.S. Announces New Terrorist Designations2018-February-01
Jordan's King Abdullah: U.S. Must Get a Major Israeli Concession after Jerusalem Recognition2018-January-26
Palestinians in Race Against Time2018-January-24
Abbas Fails to Recruit EU as New Peace Broker 2018-January-23
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence Arrives in Israel2018-January-22
Israeli Minister: Abbas Is Sabotaging the Peace Process 2018-January-19
Haley: Palestinians "Not Serious" about Peace2018-January-18
U.S. Reform Movement Condemns Abbas' Speech2018-January-17
Abbas' Ramallah Rant2018-January-16
Should the U.S. Continue to Fund the Palestinians Regardless of Their Intransigence?2018-January-16
Abu Dis or Ramallah: Alternative Locations for a Palestinian Capital? 2018-January-12
Major Jewish Groups Back Cutting Palestinian Aid2018-January-08
UNRWA - The Great Palestinian Refugee Charade2018-January-08
Nikki Haley: U.S. to Withhold Funding for UNRWA until Palestinians Join Peace Process2018-January-03
U.S. Envoy: Palestinian Reaction to Trump Announcement Is Ugly, Anti-Semitic 2017-December-29

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