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Palestinian Media Watch

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A U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem Will Redivide the City2021-October-21
Mahmoud Abbas' UN Speech Illustrates Why He Is No Partner for Peace2021-September-30
Palestinians Mock Abbas' Ultimatum to Israel2021-September-27
What Is the Best Way to Drive a Wedge between Jews and Muslims? Start a War 2021-May-16
The Unwitting Western Supporters of Palestinian Jihad2021-May-12
Fatah Calls for Violent Uprising in Jerusalem 2021-May-10
PA Distributes "Pay to Slay" Payments at Post Offices2021-May-10
Violence in Jerusalem for Political Gain in Ramallah2021-May-06
Murderers of Israeli Family of 5 to Get Salary Increase from PA 2021-March-18
PA Spent $156 Million on Terrorist Salaries in 2020 2021-February-22
PA: The Holocaust Was Europe Repaying Jews for Their "Wickedness"2021-January-28
PA Incitement Led to Murder of Israeli Woman2021-January-14
U.S. Assistance to the Palestinians Was "a Bridge to Nowhere"2020-October-26
Hamas TV: OK to Murder Israeli Civilians Because They Are All Criminals2020-October-19
PA Grand Mufti: Islamic Law Requires Muslims to Wage Jihad Against Israel2020-October-15
Released Terrorists Are Paid by PA for Doing Nothing2020-October-08
Mosques Instruct Palestinians to Reject Peace Deals2020-September-21
Fatah, PLO Are Planning a Third Intifada 2020-August-10
The ICC Considers Inventing "Palestine"2020-July-23
PA Banks Refuse to Accept Salaries for Terrorists 2020-July-09
European Parliamentarians Call for Investigation into EU Funding of Palestinian Terror 2020-June-24
The Abyss that Divides the Israeli Leadership from the PA Leadership 2020-June-04
Rule or Ruse of Law in the International Criminal Court?2020-May-08
PA Hiding Terrorist Salaries in Financial Reports to Donor Countries 2020-May-07
Coronavirus and PA Financial Priorities 2020-April-02
Palestinians May Be Hurt Most by UN Blacklist2020-February-17
Fatah: All of Israel Is Forever "Palestine"2020-February-12
U.S. Peace Plan Requires PA to Halt Payments to Terrorists2020-February-05
Fatah Rejects U.S. Peace Plan: Palestinian State Must Include All of Israel2020-February-04
Never Again? What about Palestinian Anti-Semitism?2020-January-29
Why the Palestinians Will Reject the U.S. Peace Deal2020-January-29
PA Daily Calls for Attack on Holocaust Ceremony in Jerusalem 2020-January-20
Palestinian Boys Are Raised to Be "Martyrs"2020-January-03
British Report: Amnesty International Is Institutionally Biased Against Israel 2019-December-27
Arbitrary Detention and Torture under the PA 2019-December-20
Palestinian High School Unveils Plaque Honoring Suicide Bombers2019-December-09
Guardian Revives Lie that Israel Holds Palestinian "Political Prisoners"2019-November-29
Report: Law Requires Israel to Withhold More Funds from PA to Offset Payments to Families of Terrorists2019-November-25
The Missing Billions of the Palestinian Authority2019-November-05
PA Warns Against New U.S. Hospital in Gaza2019-October-18
PA Rebuilds Home of Terrorist Family2019-October-11
World Bank Absolves PA of Responsibility for Its Self-Inflicted Financial Crisis2019-October-03
Sky News Arabia Ignores that Deceased Palestinian Prisoner Was a Terrorist2019-September-13
PA Threatens "Religious War" over Netanyahu Hebron Visit 2019-September-06
PA Lauds Murderers of Jews in 1929 Arab Riots 2019-August-23
PA Initiated Clashes on the Temple Mount2019-August-15
UN Asks Palestinians to Explain Hate Speech, Anti-Semitism2019-August-14
Hebrew U. Bombers Paid $1,257,259 by PA 2019-August-02
UK Labour Party Anti-Semitism Is about Ideology 2019-July-19
PA Doubles Salary of Murderer of 3 Israeli Teens2019-July-11

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