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NGO Monitor

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NGOs Lead New Anti-Israel UN Efforts2012-March-28
How about Arab Apartheid Week?2012-March-12
The Case of the Islamic Jihad Hunger Striker2012-February-21
The NGOs that Stole Christmas2011-December-23
NGO Monitor Slams Belgian Funding for Anti-Israel Groups2011-August-15
More Diplomatic Theater? 2011-July-06
Is Gaza Still Occupied?2011-June-02
NGOs Collaborate on Israel Apartheid Week2011-March-09
NGO Monitor Reveals Funding Sources for "Israel Apartheid Week"2011-March-08
Breaking What Silence? A Critical Reading of Allegations from "Breaking the Silence"2011-February-04
Europe Needs a Parliamentary Inquiry on NGO Funding 2011-January-12
More False Claims by Human Rights Watch Against Israel2010-December-21
NGO "Lawfare": Exploitation of Courts in the Arab-Israeli Conflict 2010-December-10
Human Rights in the Middle East2010-November-26
The Arabs' Worst Enemy: Themselves 2010-November-12
UN Human Rights Council Abuses Human Rights2010-September-27
USAID Funding for "Geneva Initiative" Ad Campaign 2010-September-17
Prospects for Peace Talks2010-September-03
UN Moves Forward to Implement Goldstone Report2010-July-15
The Danger of a Nuclear, Genocidal and Rights-Violating Iran 2010-July-14
Precision-Guided or Indiscriminate? NGO Reporting on Compliance with the Laws of Armed Conflict2010-July-09
Israeli Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Despite Hamas Attacks2010-May-27
European-Funded Political Lobbying on Jerusalem2010-May-14
Europeans Spending Millions to Manipulate Israeli Politics2010-April-15
UN Inquiry Accused of Anti-Israel Bias 2010-March-08
The European Lobby in Israel2010-February-26
Israel's Right to Self-Defense2010-February-24
Israel Watchdog Group Sues EU over "Transparency"2010-January-21
Israel and the Illusion of International Justice2010-January-15
European Governments Have Been Manipulating Israeli Politics for Years2009-December-02
Manipulating the Marketplace of Ideas 2009-November-27
Trojan Horse: The Impact of European Government Funding for Israeli NGOs2009-November-24
The Goldstone Report Indicts an Entire Nation on False Charges 2009-November-20
Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands Fund Radical Anti-Israel NGOs2009-November-17
Israel Questions Amnesty Report on Water Allocation2009-October-27
European Governments Fund NGO that Sought to Arrest Israeli Defense Minister in Britain2009-October-01
The Goldstone Report: 575 Pages of NGO "Cut and Paste"2009-September-17
Experts or Ideologues? Human Rights Watch's Focus on Israel 2009-September-09
Swedish Funding of Anti-Israeli Demonization2009-August-24
Pathological Politics: Human Rights Watch's "White Flags" Report 2009-August-19
Human Rights Watch's "White Flags" Report Substitutes Speculation for Serious Research2009-August-14
Sweden Funding Extreme Anti-Israel Groups 2009-July-02
EU-Funded NGOs Promote Palestinian Positions on Jerusalem2009-May-21
The Centrality of NGOs in Promoting Anti-Israel Boycotts and Sanctions 2009-May-08
Jewish Groups Ready to Fight Durban 2 in Geneva 2009-April-17
European Commission's "Partnerships for Peace" Program Funds Conflict 2009-April-10
Human Rights Watch's Gaza Campaign: Advocacy Not Accuracy2009-March-26
Durban II: New Strategy Needed2009-March-23
NGOs Condemned for Ignoring Captured IDF Soldier2009-March-18
Getting Human Rights Wrong 2009-March-06

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