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Israel Tightens Cooperation with Egypt 2021-August-23
UK Spends Millions Funding NGO Waging "Proxy War" Against Israel2021-August-12
Gaza Terrorists Falsely Listed as Civilian Casualties2021-July-29
Property Claims in the Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood of Jerusalem2021-May-10
Key Critic of Israel Nominated to Be Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights2021-May-03
Is the U.S. Supporting Palestinian Dictatorship? 2021-April-14
A New Bogus Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-April-08
Should Israel Cooperate with the ICC? 2021-April-01
Human Rights Watch's Anti-Israel Agenda 2020-December-24
Islamic State Continues to Threaten Syrian Regime 2020-December-24
The Abuse of Human Rights to Promote Hate 2020-November-26
EU Funding to Palestinian and Israeli NGOs2020-October-22
EU Governments Funding Palestinian Legal Actions Against Israel2020-September-24
Torture on the Rise in Erdogan's Turkey 2020-August-03
Israeli Watchdog Triggers Probe of EU Funding of Terrorist-Linked NGOs2020-June-03
UN Coronavirus Aid Going to Palestinian Terror-Linked Groups 2020-May-25
U.S. Not Planning to Provide Ammunition to Turkey for Syria Campaign2020-March-05
Does the EU Hear the Israeli Public?2020-February-14
European Governments Continue to Fund Terror-Linked NGOs2020-January-31
European Governments Earmarked Funds for Anti-Israel Lawfare at ICC2019-December-26
Political Games at The Hague2019-December-26
Arrested Palestinian Terrorist Leader Was BDS Official2019-December-19
Israel Denial in the Academic World 2019-November-22
PA Warns Against New U.S. Hospital in Gaza2019-October-18
BDS Was Started by Western NGOs and European Governments, Not the Palestinians 2019-October-11
Nuanced Realism: Israel and the Tlaib/Omar Visit2019-August-19
Hamas, Israel Agree on Gaza Hospital, Despite PA Opposition 2019-July-30
The "Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children" Act2019-May-03
Gaslighting Gaza: The UN Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza Riots2019-March-04
Amnesty International's Anti-Semitic Campaign Against Jewish Tourism2019-February-01
EAPPI: The World Council of Churches' Training Camp for Anti-Israel Advocacy2019-February-01
World Council of Churches Trained 1,800 Anti-Israel Activists, Funded by UNICEF2019-January-15
Amnesty International Singling Out Jews in 20192019-January-07
Palestinian Aid Groups Perpetuate the Conflict2018-November-30
The NGOs and Funders behind Airbnb's BDS Policy2018-November-20
NGOs Disappear when Palestinians in Gaza Fire Rockets at Civilians in Israel2018-November-16
Denmark Won't Fund Groups that Promote BDS, Question Israel's Legitimacy, Foreign Minister Says 2018-October-30
Time to Talk to the EU about NGO Funding 2018-July-27
Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy2018-June-26
Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power and Democratic Legitimacy2018-June-08
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Gives to Groups Funding Palestinian Terrorism 2018-June-08
Palestinian Women's Groups Use EU Funding to Incite against Israel2018-March-12
Time for Western Donors to Teach the PA a Lesson2018-January-05
The Chutzpah of EU Intervention in Israel2017-December-27
The NGOs that Wrote the House Bill on Palestinian Children's Rights2017-November-16
Norway Gets Refund after Funding Center Named after Palestinian Terrorist 2017-September-11
European Secretariat Halts, Investigates Funding to Radical Palestinian Group2017-August-23
When Will the EU Stop Supporting Anti-Israel Incitement?2017-August-16
European-Funded NGOs Promote Palestinians' "Right" to Be Paid for Terror2017-August-03
Education to Peace Is Crucial in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2017-July-18

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