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Michael Young

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Saddam, a Rope, and a Great Escape2007-January-10
Don't Let Syria Get Away with Killing Rafik Hariri 2006-November-21
MI5 Director: More Britons Are Turning to Terror2006-November-10
UN Force Faces Battle to Secure Peace 2006-October-09
The Indomitable Illusion of a Peace Process 2006-September-28
Mubarak's Son Proposes Nuclear Plan 2006-September-21
The Dilemmas of Being an Iranian Bullet2006-August-24
Songs in the Classroom and the Roots of Terror2006-August-11
Where Should International Forces Be Deployed?2006-July-31
The Lebanese Really Blame Hizballah 2006-July-26
Israelis Support Military's Mission2006-July-19
Hizballah Crosses Lines 2006-July-14
The Price of Taking a Bullet for Palestine2006-July-14
Inside a Den of Islamic Jihad Bombers2006-May-11
Where to Draw the Line on International Assistance to the Palestinians?2006-March-03
Hizballah's Identity Crisis2006-January-20
In Failure, a Year of Arab Achievement 2005-December-30
Will the Next Generation of Palestinians Make Peace with Israel?2005-December-08
Bush Has Gotten It Right in Lebanon2005-May-27
Bush Has Gotten It Right in Lebanon2005-May-27
Bush, the Great Shiite Liberator2005-May-03
Is Assad's Regime Long For This World?2005-April-20
Must Lebanon Pay for Hizballah's Pride? 2005-March-11
Syria's Exit May Mean More Power for Hizballah2005-March-10
Can Hizballah Go Straight?2005-March-09
Syria Has No Intention of Giving Up Lebanon2004-December-23
Middle East Rejects American-Induced Reform 2004-December-21
The Palestinian Intifada: Lessons and Prospects (Part II)2004-October-15
British Security Service Plants Agents to Fight Domestic Terror2004-July-13
The Road to Democracy, Via Damascus2004-June-15
U.S. Commission Slams Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt for Abuses of Religious Freedom2004-May-14
Shed No Tears Over the Killing of the Sheikh of Hate2004-March-24
The Mistaken Arab Experience 2003-December-05
State Dept. Commission Calls Saudis' Strict Islam a "Threat"2003-November-20
The Demonology of SE Asian Islamists2003-September-01
New York Unites Against Terror2003-August-25
Rising Muslim Population Alters the West: Poses Challenge for U.S. and Europe2003-July-11
Saddam's Sons: The Sum of Two Evils2003-May-26
Hizballah Ponders Iraq2003-March-28
What Syria's Leader Wants from the West2002-December-17
Children Killed in Israel Homicide Bombing2002-November-22
Designer Gas Masks2002-October-22
Palestinian Anti-Personnel Bombs Wreak Havoc on Israeli Victims' Bodies2002-June-03

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