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Michael Young

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The Necessary Campaign to Destroy the Jenin Terrorist Hub 2022-June-02
Investigation of Beirut Port Blast Leads to Armed Clashes in Lebanon2021-October-18
Hizbullah Has Alienated Many Lebanese 2021-August-12
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Publication: Young People in Iran Pose a Security Threat to the Regime2021-March-22
Hizbullah Is Losing Its Ability to Intimidate Anyone2020-October-08
Hizbullah Has Trapped Itself in Lebanon 2019-November-29
A Profile of the Palestinian Youth Generation2019-June-06
Israel Is Forging Limited Ties with Arab States without Progress with Palestinians 2019-February-07
Palestinian Support for Two-State Solution Seen Declining2019-January-31
Israel Welcomes U.S. Defunding of UNRWA as Step for Peace 2018-September-03
Former U.S. Peace Negotiator: Conditions for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Are Not Present2018-April-27
Rescued Children Finally Identify Irish Aid Worker Who Saved Them from Auschwitz 2017-November-24
Guardian Gives Anti-Israel Play Four Stars 2017-October-11
IDF: Iran Is Israel's Most Pressing Threat2017-September-12
Ethnic Opposition to Iran's Regime Is on the Rise2016-July-25
American Jews and Israel's Security 2016-April-15
For Israel: ISIS Is Bad, But the Iranian Axis Is the Graver Threat2015-December-02
ISIS Murders Two of Syria's Bravest Men2015-July-08
Contending with a Struggle within Islam2015-April-02
Iran's Expansion Will Reshape Lebanon2015-March-13
On Iran, Arabs Deeply Mistrust Obama 2015-March-10
White House Exempts Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq from Tight Standards on Civilian Deaths 2014-October-01
How Iran Gains from Assad Victory2014-June-10
Iran Benefits from Arab Chaos2014-May-30
The Jewish State 2014-May-23
Radical Palestinian Groups Vie for Power by Attacking Israel2014-March-14
Popping Hizbullah's Resistance Bubble 2014-February-28
Hizbullah Is Caught in an Al-Qaeda Vise2013-December-20
European Firms Size Up Iran's Post-Deal Potential 2013-November-29
All Against All in Syria2013-October-11
Massacres of Civilians Signal New Phase in Syria's Civil War 2013-May-10
Iran's Incitement to Genocide2013-April-05
Hizbullah Doubles Down as its Allies in Syria Collapse2012-December-21
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Conquest of Jerusalem2012-November-27
U.S.: Attack on Consulate in Libya May Have Been Planned2012-September-14
America Just Cannot Be the Loved One 2012-September-14
Criticism in Israeli Parliament Over German Circumcision Ban 2012-July-12
The Generals, Not the Dictator, Hold the Keys to the Regime2012-June-22
Assad's Sectarian Strategy2012-June-08
The Annan Plan Will Bring More Violence 2012-March-30
The Syrian Uprising's Impact on Minorities 2012-March-02
Why We Fight2012-February-24
Homs, Anvil of Syria 2012-February-13
Arab League's Indecision Fueling Assad's Belligerence2012-January-13
Arab Uprisings Bring a Change in Priorities 2011-December-30
Turkey Seen Now as More Part of the Problem than the Solution2011-October-06
Assad's Overreach Pushes Former Allies into a Corner2011-August-11
New Cracks Form in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood2011-June-27
A Foreign Policy of Instability Cannot Save Syria at Home2011-June-10
No Reform Option in Syria2011-May-13

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