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Melanie Phillips

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Maybe Israel Should Review Its Rules of Engagement with U.S.2022-September-12
Israel's Move Against Terror NGOs2022-August-29
Licking Ben and Jerry's: Evil Can Be Defeated, Provided It Is Fought 2022-July-07
The UN's Kangaroo Court2022-June-16
America Continues to Appease the Palestinians 2022-June-06
Growing Integration and Prosperity for Israeli Arabs at Risk from Forces that Crave Victory over Jews2022-April-28
Over Ukraine, They Side with the Victims. Over Israel, They Side with the Aggressors2022-April-21
U.S. Attacks Bennett as Soft on Russia But Is Happy for Moscow to Broker the Iran Nuclear Deal2022-March-24
Putin's Russia Is Behind Neo-Nazism Today2022-March-07
EU Announces Moves to Fight Anti-Semitism while Bankrolling Palestinian Hatred of Jews2021-October-11
The Durban Hate-Fest Rears Its Ugly Head Again2021-September-20
The Main Issue Is Not the Boycott of Israel but the Thinking Behind It2021-July-26
A Stunning Ruling Against Religious Freedom 2020-December-31
The BBC Incites Baseless Hatred over Israel 2020-October-22
Israel Is Not the Obstacle to the Two-State Solution2020-May-15
The International Community Signed a Treaty 100 Years Ago to Establish a Jewish National Home 2020-April-24
The Story Jews Repeat on Passover Is the Secret of Their Survival2020-April-08
For Israel, Recognizing an Enemy Is Second Nature2020-April-03
The Post-Modern, Anti-Jewish Reconfiguration of the West2020-March-02
Will Britain Stand with Israel Against the Forces of Darkness?2020-February-14
The Perverse Western Mourning for Soleimani2020-January-14
Anti-Semitism Is a Unique Obsession 2019-December-06
Labeling Israel as an Unequal Player on the World Stage2019-November-18
The Dangerous Drive to Correlate Islamophobia with Anti-Semitism2019-July-05
Saudi Reform Is Inching in a Positive Direction2019-May-24
The Pathological Animus of the New York Times2019-January-04
The Lethal Error in Appeasing Iran 2018-December-07
The Source of Israel's National Resilience2018-November-23
Europe's Appeasement of Iran 2018-October-05
Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism 2018-August-03
Trump's Speech: A Seismic Event and a Historic Watershed2017-December-08
Our Saudi Arabian Frenemy2017-July-07
How Trump Has Confused the Jews2017-March-17
Shun Palestinian Colonialism 2017-January-06
Arabs Once Recognized that Jews Are Indigenous to Israel 2016-October-28
Israel Upholds International Law in the Territories 2016-September-30
Counter-Radicalization Must Involve Telling Muslims the Truth2016-August-05
The British Still Don't Understand2016-April-01
Two Cheers for Britain's BDS Ban2016-February-19
Israel Has Not Occupied Another People's Land 2016-February-05
The Argument for Justice for the Jews 2015-May-29
The Threat to the Jews of Europe2015-February-20
The Unsettling ICC Gambit2015-January-23
The Paris Massacre and the West 2015-January-09
Why Does the West Give Abbas a Free Pass? 2014-November-14
The House of Commons Vote to Recognize the State of Palestine2014-October-17
Recognizing Palestine Won't Promote Peace2014-October-14
Iran Is a Greater Threat than Islamic State2014-October-03
The Islamic State Stands for Mass Murder and Barbarism 2014-September-19
The Failure of the Mideast "Peace Process"2014-March-20

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