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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel2015-July-17
Year after Gaza War, Hamas Remains Defiant to Continue Fight Against Israel 2015-July-09
When Palestinians Die in Palestinian Jails2015-July-07
Report: Iran Stops Funding Palestinian Islamic Jihad 2015-May-21
Concessions to Israel Are "Crimes of High Treason" 2015-May-14
PA Organizes "Nakba Day" Rally2015-May-14
Palestinians Need Reforms, Not Elections2015-May-08
Hamas Has 100,000 Men Ready to "Liberate Palestine"2015-May-07
Hamas Destroys Jihadist Gaza Mosque 2015-May-05
World Turns a Blind Eye to Palestinians If Israel Is Not Involved 2015-May-01
Hamas Security Forces Break Up Gaza Demonstration2015-April-30
PA Ministers Visiting Gaza Placed Under House Arrest, Then Released 2015-April-21
Palestinian Security Coordination with Israel Continues 2015-April-15
Egypt Responsible for Gaza Weapons Shortage2015-April-14
Palestinian Authority Rejects Israel's Partial Transfer of Tax Funds 2015-April-06
Abbas Wants Arabs to Bomb Gaza2015-April-02
Palestinians: We Want Democratic Elections, Too2015-March-13
The Palestinians Want Peace?2015-March-10
PA Slams Kerry for Supporting Israel at UN 2015-March-04
Senior Fatah Official Calls for Using "Force" Against Israel 2015-March-03
Islamic State Deepens Grip in Future Palestine 2015-January-29
U.S., Arab League Ask Abbas to Delay New UN Statehood Bid 2015-January-28
Hamas Forms "Liberation Army" in Gaza2015-January-23
Hamas, Palestinian Authority Step Up Human Rights Violations2015-January-15
Hamas Asked to Keep Low Profile in Qatar2015-January-08
What about Arab War Crimes Against Palestinians?2015-January-07
Israel Freezes Palestinian Tax Revenues in Response to ICC Membership 2015-January-05
Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority Is an Entity Allied with a Terror Group, Not a State 2015-January-02
Why Palestinians Opposed Abbas' Statehood Bid 2015-January-01
Hamas: Qatar Hasn't Cut Off Our Financial Aid 2014-December-29
EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship2014-December-19
Gaza Posters Depict Hanging of PA Leader Abbas2014-December-18
Gaza Palestinians Flee Hamas2014-December-12
ISIS in Gaza: When One Radical Group Believes Another Is Not Radical Enough 2014-December-05
Report: Abbas Accuses Israel of Unleashing Wild Boars Against Palestinians 2014-November-24
Abbas Forced by Kerry to Condemn Synagogue Attack 2014-November-19
German Foreign Minister: Palestinian State Must Come from Negotiations with Israel2014-November-17
Why Abbas Will Not Condemn Terror Attacks 2014-November-13
Report: U.S. to Unveil New Peace Talks Proposal2014-November-03
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Call for Palestinians to Step Up "Resistance" Against Israel2014-October-31
Palestinians: Stop the Children's Intifada2014-October-30
Palestinian Poll: Support Rose for Hamas and Armed Struggle after Gaza War2014-October-29
No Connection between Islamic State and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2014-October-21
How the Donors Saved Hamas 2014-October-15
Remove Israel from the Map2014-October-10
Palestinians Riot Against Visit to West Bank University by U.S. Consular Officials 2014-October-06
Hamas and Fatah Already Fighting over Gaza Funds2014-September-22
Fatah Blames Hamas for Palestinians Fleeing Gaza 2014-September-19
Moroccan Journalist Accuses Islamic Jihad Deputy Leader of Sexual Assault 2014-September-19
Gaza Landlords Refusing to Rent to Hamas2014-September-16

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