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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade Martyrs One of Its Own2003-August-20
Stop Demolishing Illegal Arab Houses in Jerusalem, Says U.S. 2003-August-19
PA Won't Disarm Terror Groups 2003-August-14
No PA Control in Northern West Bank2003-August-13
PA TV: Israel is Destroying the Aksa Mosque2003-August-04
Palestinian Terrorists to Remain in Arafat's Ramallah HQ 2003-August-04
Who is Trying to Kill Musa Arafat?2003-July-29
Arafat Adviser Calls for Kidnapping IDF Soldiers 2003-July-29
Democracy in Jenin2003-July-28
Arafat's Soldiers2003-July-25
Arafat's Soldiers2003-July-25
Rejectionists Warn Abbas Against Washington Visit2003-July-18
Arafat Calls on Children to Become "Martyrs" 2003-July-16
PA Denies Confiscating Weapons2003-July-15
How Much Don't We Know? Government-Imposed Constraints on Middle East Media Coverage2003-July-11
Arafat to Purge Abbas Loyalists from Fatah2003-July-11
PA Police Search for Illegal Weapons2003-July-11
Abbas's Bluff in the Struggle for Power2003-July-10
Terror Groups Fire at PA Forces2003-July-07
Gaza Strip Terrorist Coalition Joins Cease-Fire 2003-July-07
Gaza Strip Terrorist Coalition Joins Cease-Fire2003-July-07
Palestinians Say Israel Prepared to Reopen Orient House2003-July-04
PA "Has No Intention" of Disarming Terror Groups 2003-June-30
Did Aqaba Matter?2003-June-16
Hamas Leaders Go Underground, Order Attacks on Israel 2003-June-13
Jerusalem Arabs: The Forgotten Constituency 2003-May-30
Women May Be Terror Bombers, Muslim Scholar Rules2003-May-27
CIA Training PA Antiterror Force2003-May-27
Hamas Rebuffs Abbas, Vows to Continue Terrorism2003-May-23
New Arafat Move Undermines Abbas 2003-May-22
Palestinian FM: PA Will Not Disarm Terrorist Groups2003-May-21
PA Pays Salaries of Aksa Brigades Members2003-May-16
Rajoub Awaits Key PA Security Role2003-May-12
Dahlan Appointment Creates Friction between Arafat and Abbas2003-May-08
Gazans Turn Against Abbas at Funerals2003-May-05
Palestinians End Cabinet Standoff2003-April-24
Palestinian "Street" Supports Arafat in Showdown with Abbas2003-April-24
The Duel Over Dahlan2003-April-22
Hamas, Fatah Warn Abu Mazen Against Crackdown 2003-April-21
Palestinian Reformers Drawing Lessons from Saddam's Fall2003-April-17
Abbas Cabinet Enrages Arafat 2003-April-15
Saddam Still a Hero for Many Palestinians2003-April-14
Palestinians Stunned by Collapse of Saddam's Regime2003-April-10
Palestinians Have Murdered 70 Suspected Informers2003-April-07
U.S. Replaces Israel as Number One Enemy of Palestinians2003-April-04
Palestinians Honor Bomber of U.S. Troops2003-April-01
Poll Finds Growing Palestinian Support for End to Uprising2003-March-28
Palestinians Name Babies after Saddam2003-March-26
Palestinians Rejoice at Saddam's "Victories" 2003-March-25
"Bomb Tel Aviv," Palestinians Tell Saddam2003-March-17

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