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Khaled Abu Toameh

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PA Dismisses Egyptian Plan to "Neutralize" Arafat2004-June-02
Palestinians Kill PA Policeman2004-June-01
Rajoub: Dahlan is a Traitor2004-May-31
Palestinians Demand Egypt Release Palestinian Prisoners2004-May-24
Syria Improving Relations with Arafat2004-May-11
Did Israel Try to Kill Hamas Leader in Syria?2004-May-04
Gunmen Break Arms of Palestinian Photojournalist2004-April-26
Palestinian Gunmen Storm Jail, Free Suspects in Attack on U.S. Diplomats2004-April-23
Kaddoumi: PLO Charter Was Never Changed 2004-April-23
U.S. Policy Shift Undermines Arafat2004-April-20
Hamas Picks New Leader 2004-April-19
Palestinians Urge Holy War Against U.S.2004-April-13
Palestinians Support Attacks on Coalition Forces in Iraq2004-April-08
Hamas Considers Joining PLO2004-April-05
Islamic Jihad Promises Heaven to Teen Recruit2004-April-01
Hamas, Fatah Reject Appeal for "Peaceful" Intifada2004-March-29
Abbas: I Will Never Take Job Again2004-March-29
PA Unfreezes Terror Funds2004-March-23
Egyptians Demand Order in PA2004-March-18
Over 140 "Collaborators" Arrested by PA2004-March-16
Palestinians Celebrate Gaza Attacks2004-March-15
Hamas: Israel's Gaza "Retreat" Does Not Mean End of Resistance2004-March-09
Egyptian Journalist Anis Mansour: Arafat Must Make Peace2004-March-09
Losing Authority2004-March-05
Muslim Group Opposes Arafat's Burial on Temple Mount2004-March-04
What Happened to Reform of the Palestinian Authority?2004-March-03
Fatah Gunmen Demand Employment in PA Security Forces 2004-March-01
Concrete Rage2004-February-27
Dahlan: Gaza Pullout "Victory" for Intifada2004-February-24
PA Minister Survives Shooting in Jenin2004-February-19
PA Hastily Opens Trial in U.S. Convoy Attack2004-February-09
Hamas Vows to Kidnap Soldiers2004-February-02
PA Denies Refugee Resettlement Report2004-January-26
PA Sets Up "Central Operations Command" to Restore Law and Order 2004-January-24
PA Daily Raps Terrorists for Recruiting Teens, Mothers 2004-January-21
PA Slams Blair for "Obscene" Remarks 2004-January-19
PA Pressures Journalists to Call Killed Palestinians "Martyrs" 2004-January-13
A Settlement is a Settlement 2004-January-09
PA: Egypt Humiliates Visiting Palestinians 2004-January-02
Rafah Protesters Bully PA Officials 2004-January-01
Palestinians Still with Saddam2003-December-30
Palestinian Editor Praises Maher Attack2003-December-24
PA Detains Democracy Activist2003-December-23
PA Cancels Christmas2003-December-16
Hamas Vows More Attacks Inside Israel2003-December-15
"Checkpoint Entertainer" Wows Roadblock Crowds2003-December-12
Palestinian Student Election Issue: Who Has Killed the Most Israelis?2003-December-10
"Miracle Baby" Draws Thousands to Bethlehem 2003-December-05
Let's Not Make a Deal2003-December-05
Revenue Files "Disappear" from PA Finance Ministry2003-December-03

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