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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Hamas Forced Christian Professor in Gaza to Convert to Islam2007-August-06
PA Frets Over Abbas Assassination Plots2007-July-26
Dozens Wounded in Hamas-Fatah Clash at West Bank University2007-July-25
Hamas Arrests Islamists Behind Attacks on Internet Cafes2007-July-16
What to Do Now About the Palestinian Authority?2007-July-13
Palestinian "Collaborator" Found Dead in Hamas Prison2007-July-12
Dahlan Departs Politics for More Medical Treatment2007-July-11
How PA Gunmen Pass High School Exams2007-July-11
Fatah Official: Prisoner Release Will Make Things Worse for Abbas2007-July-09
Johnston Deal Lets Army of Islam Keep Weapons2007-July-06
Hamas Succeeded Where Abbas Failed in Winning Reporter's Release2007-July-05
Hamas Lays Siege to Journalist's Captors2007-July-02
Fatah, in Disarray, Torn by Mutual Recriminations2007-June-29
Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners2007-June-26
The Anti-Hamas Alliance Gathers2007-June-26
Gaza Clan Chief Bargains with Hamas for BBC Reporter2007-June-22
Fatah Tries to Whip Up Public Support2007-June-22
Hamas Presses Clan Holding BBC Reporter2007-June-21
Gaza's Christians Fear for Their Lives: Latin Church Torched2007-June-19
160 Palestinians Killed, 800 Wounded in Gaza Fighting2007-June-18
Hamas Reenforced with 50,000 Captured Fatah Firearms2007-June-18
Palestinians Loot Arafat's Gaza Home, Steal His Nobel Prize2007-June-18
Fatah's Collapse in Gaza Rocks its West Bank Status2007-June-15
Fatah Officials Call for Abbas Resignation; Hamas Seizes Weapons Provided Under U.S. Security Plan2007-June-14
Hamas' Gaza and Fatah's West Bank2007-June-13
Hamas Captures Fatah Weapons, Armored Jeeps2007-June-13
Israeli Soldier's Kidnappers on PA Payroll2007-June-11
One Killed, 17 Hurt in Renewed Hamas-Fatah Clashes in Gaza2007-June-08
Hamas Pressures BBC Journalist's Kidnappers2007-June-03
Palestinian Journalist Seeks Asylum in Norway2007-June-03
Fatah Men Shoot Palestinian "Collaborators" in Nablus 2007-May-31
U.S. Investment in Fatah Forces Likely to Go Down the Drain2007-May-30
At War with "No Good Options"2007-May-29
Hamas Threatens to Increase Attacks; Israel to Indict Arrested Hamas Officials2007-May-25
Teheran Behind Escalation of Violence from Gaza; Officials Fear Longer Range Rocket Fire2007-May-22
Fatah: We've Lost the Battle for Jerusalem2007-May-15
Arab Media Trumpet Signs of Israel's Defeat2007-May-02
Hamas Vows to Continue Attacks2007-April-30
Hamas Plans to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers 2007-April-27
Egypt's Security Cracks Down on Visiting Hamas Officials2007-April-23
Islamic Jihad to Continue Rocket Attacks on Israel2007-April-19
Egypt Announces New Israeli Spy Case 2007-April-18
Rift Splits Hamas into Three Factions2007-April-12
25 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Infighting Last Month2007-April-06
Palestinians "Offended" by German Chancellor's Pro-Israel Stance2007-April-04
Hamas Gains in Teachers Union Election2007-April-02
Sheikh Dead in Gaza Power Struggle2007-April-02
Hamas: Military Operations Have Not Stopped 2007-March-30
The New Palestinian Government Still Hasn't Renounced Terror or Recognized Israel2007-March-21
Strategically Crafted Ambiguity2007-March-16

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