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Khaled Abu Toameh

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PA Urges Palestinians Abroad to "Return" to Israel on May 14 2008-March-18
Fatah Military Wing Tells Abbas to Fire Fayad, Band with Hamas2008-March-14
Fatah Group Hails "Heroic" Jerusalem Attack2008-March-10
Hamas Using U.S. Weapons Against IDF 2008-March-03
PA Official: Talks on Jerusalem Taking Place2008-February-13
Egypt Grills Arabs Who Entered Gaza2008-February-11
Muslim Extremists from Egypt Poured into Gaza to Fight Israel2008-February-07
Egypt Nixes Hamas Call for Economic Alliance2008-February-04
Hamas Agrees to Joint Rafah Border Control with Abbas' Forces; Mubarak: Gaza Will Never Be Part of Egypt2008-February-01
Fatah, Hamas Fight for Gaza Border Control 2008-January-30
Hamas Staged Some of the Gaza Blackouts2008-January-24
Prominent Arab Editor, PA Officials Blame Hamas for Gaza Crisis2008-January-22
Palestinians Attack American School in Gaza 2008-January-10
PA Rejects International Troops in West Bank2008-January-09
Fatah Gunmen Surrender to PA2008-January-09
Fatah Disarmed? Not in Nablus2008-January-07
PA Rejects Israeli Demands for a Demilitarized Palestine2008-January-04
Israel: Rocket Attack on Ashkelon a "Strategic Threat" 2008-January-04
Fatah Involved in Terror Shooting2007-December-31
Internal Power Struggle Shakes Hamas2007-December-28
Shades of Terror2007-December-28
Fatah al-Islam at Work in Gaza 2007-December-26
Fatah Map Shows All of Israel as Palestine 2007-December-24
International Aid to PA No Guarantee for Boosting Moderates2007-December-18
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Begin in Jerusalem 2007-December-13
Muslim Gunmen Target Christian in Gaza2007-December-10
Palestinian Legislative Council Passes Law Against Any Concessions on Jerusalem2007-December-07
Sixty Palestinians Hurt in Fatah-Hamas Clashes2007-November-29
PA Police Kill Anti-Annapolis Protester2007-November-28
U.S. Is Dragging the Arabs to Annapolis2007-November-27
Same Palestinian Negotiators, Same Positions2007-November-27
Hamas Calls on Arab Nations to Boycott Annapolis Conference2007-November-23
West Bank University Halts Classes over Infighting2007-November-21
Palestinian Militias Firm Against Handing Over Guns2007-November-19
Nablus Clashes Pose New Threat to Abbas' Authority2007-November-06
Widening Signs of Hamas Infighting 2007-November-05
Fatah Policemen in Gaza "Defect to Al-Qaeda"2007-November-02
PA Seeks to Cut 30,000 Policemen from West Bank Security Forces2007-October-29
Abbas Attempts Crack-Down in Nablus2007-October-26
Egypt Frees Key Hamas Terrorist2007-October-15
Syria and Hamas to Hold Alternative Conference2007-October-10
Hamas: Fatah Has Launched an Insurgency in Gaza2007-October-05
PA Demands Sweeping Deal with Israel Before Conference2007-October-02
For Gazans, Fatah Does Not Yet Offer a Better Alternative to Hamas2007-September-28
Hamas Conducting Secret Talks with Fatah2007-September-21
Abbas Not Interested in U.S. Peace Conference2007-September-20
Increased Signs of Anti-Hamas Intifada in Gaza 2007-September-03
Olmert, Abbas Meet in Jerusalem2007-August-29
Hamas Creating New Armed Cells in West Bank2007-August-20
Fatah, Hamas Holding Reconciliation Talks2007-August-08

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