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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Abbas Says He Won't Meet Netanyahu2009-July-06
Hamas Tightens Its Grip in Gaza2009-July-06
Hamas Detains 500 Fatah Supporters in Gaza2009-July-02
U.S. Funds Abuse of Palestinian Human Rights2009-July-01
Palestinians Want to Build Settlements 2009-June-26
Most Arabs Won't Miss Iran's Ayatollahs If They Fall2009-June-22
Behind the PA's Hysterical Reaction to Netanyahu's Speech2009-June-16
Palestinian Boy Murdered as "Collaborator" for Chatting with Israeli Border Guard2009-June-16
PA: New U.S. Administration "One of the Friendliest in Decades" 2009-June-11
The Two-State Solution Illusion2009-May-28
Israel's Arab Citizens2009-May-22
PA and Hamas Reject Israeli Prime Minister's Call for Peace Talks2009-May-06
Hamas, Fatah Deadlocked over Palestinian Unity2009-April-30
Palestinian Faces Death for Selling Land to Jews2009-April-30
Abbas' Son Has Amassed a Vast Personal Fortune 2009-April-17
Real Two-State Problem Is the Hamas-Fatah Feud 2009-April-17
PA PM Fayad Not Returning 2009-April-13
Russia to Supply PA with New Weapons 2009-April-08
Palestinian Factions Suspend Unity Talks Without Agreement 2009-April-03
PA: Death to Those Who Sell Land to Jews2009-April-02
Hamas Wins Teachers Union Elections for UN Schools in Gaza 2009-March-31
PA Disbands West Bank Youth Orchestra 2009-March-30
On Campus: The Pro-Palestinians' Real Agenda2009-March-25
PA Officials Welcome Failure of Hamas-Israel Prisoner Exchange Talks2009-March-19
Dahlan: Fatah Never Recognized Israel 2009-March-18
PA Unity Negotiations Near Collapse2009-March-13
New Palestinian TV - To Broadcast What?2009-March-04
In a Palestinian Unity Government, Hamas Wins2009-February-24
Hamas Prisoner Dies in PA Jail2009-February-19
A Minority Report from the West Bank and Gaza2009-February-13
What Mitchell Should Try: The Jordan-Egypt Option 2009-February-03
Hamas Executes Former Human Rights Field Worker for Collaborating with Israel2009-January-27
PA Court Sentences Palestinian to Death for Collaborating with Israel2009-January-27
Can the Palestinian Authority's Fatah Forces Retake Gaza? Obstacles and Opportunities2009-January-27
Report: Israel Offers Open Crossings, 1,000 Prisoners for Captured IDF Soldier2009-January-26
PA Giving Shelter to Islamic Jihad Terrorists in West Bank2009-January-26
Hamas Confirms Executing Fatah Collaborators2009-January-22
Hamas Intercepts Humanitarian Aid in Gaza 2009-January-21
Hamas Trumpets of Victory Strike False Note 2009-January-20
Hamas Torturing Fatah Members in Gaza 2009-January-20
Fatah: We Also Fought IDF in Gaza2009-January-20
Heavy Losses Haven't Broken Hamas2009-January-14
Iran Warns Hamas Not to Accept Egyptian Truce Proposal2009-January-12
Egyptian Film Star: Hamas Is to Blame2009-January-08
Hamas Moves Against Fatah "Collaborators"2009-January-04
Hamas and the Palestinians2009-January-04
No Tears for Hamas Leader in PA 2009-January-02
Hamas Mocks Israel over Non-Response; Egypt: Time to Teach Hamas a Lesson2008-December-25
Gaza Rocket Fire Continues as Hamas Proclaims One-Day Cease-Fire2008-December-23
Iraqi Who Threw Shoes at Bush Hailed as Arab Hero2008-December-17

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