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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Helping Abbas Climb Down the High Tree2010-February-02
Palestinian Official: PA's Corruption Will Enable Hamas Takeover2010-January-29
PA Warns EU Against Legitimizing Hamas2010-January-25
Egypt-Hamas Tensions Heighten 2010-January-12
Can Hamas Be Stopped from Seizing West Bank?2010-January-08
Jerusalem Rejects Two-Year Peace Deadline 2010-January-08
PA: Peace Talks Must Resume from Where They Ended in December 20082010-January-07
Hamas: Torture Continues in PA Prisons2010-January-06
Israel Opposes "Borders First" Approach to Palestinian Negotiations2010-January-05
Why Abbas Does Not Want to Resume Peace Talks 2009-December-31
Fatah Accuses PA of Collusion with Israel2009-December-28
Shhh...Mubarak Is Building a Wall2009-December-25
Hamas: PLO Vote Extending Abbas' Term Is "Illegal"2009-December-17
"Abbas Moving the Goalposts"2009-December-16
Hamas Seeks to "Liberate All of Palestine"2009-December-15
PA Bans Hamas Anniversary Celebrations in West Bank2009-December-14
Wanted: A Palestinian "Peace Now" Movement2009-December-09
Hamas Using PA Arms to Battle IDF2009-December-05
PA Intensifies Attacks on Settlement Freeze2009-November-27
Islamic Jihad, PFLP Against Holding Fire at Israel2009-November-23
What Does "Pro-Palestinian" Really Mean?2009-November-18
No Secret U.S.-PA Deal for Recognizing Unilaterally Declared Palestinian State 2009-November-09
Abbas Says He Won't Run for Re-election, But May Change Mind 2009-November-06
Muslim Officials Quietly Pleased with Israeli Action Against Temple Mount Riot Inciters2009-October-30
Hamas Bars PA from Arranging Gaza Vote2009-October-22
Hamas and Fatah Face a Forced Marriage2009-October-15
Abbas, Under Domestic Pressure, Organizes Rallies of Support2009-October-09
Is the Palestinian Authority at Peace with Israel?2009-October-02
PA Disappointed with New York Summit2009-September-24
Palestinians Call to Try Israeli Officials for "War Crimes"2009-September-17
Efforts Intensify to Resume Peace Talks2009-September-14
Islamists in Gaza Tried to Kill Carter and Blair 2009-September-07
Former Abbas Ally Calls Him "a Third World Tyrant"2009-September-04
PA's Top Islamic Judge Denies Jewish Link to Jerusalem 2009-August-28
Palestine TV Boss Fired for Insufficient Coverage of Prime Minister2009-August-26
Palestinian Family Denies Telling Journalists Israel Stole Organs 2009-August-25
Hamas, Islamists Clash in Gaza: 28 Palestinians Killed, 120 Wounded2009-August-17
Fatah Continues to Live in the Past2009-August-14
How to Solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict 2009-August-13
New Faces of an Unreformed, Hard-Line Fatah2009-August-12
Fatah: Jerusalem Is an "Integral Part of the Palestinian Homeland"2009-August-10
Fatah Moves "to Remove, Defeat Occupation"2009-August-10
Fatah Sets 14 Preconditions for Resuming Peace Talks with Israel2009-August-07
The Radicalization of Fatah 2009-August-05
Fatah Officials Takes Hard Line2009-August-04
Report: Fatah Conference to Harden Party Line2009-August-03
What the West Bank Actually Looks Like2009-July-24
Fatah Has Never Recognized Israel 2009-July-23
Terrorists to Be Honored with PA Street Names 2009-July-23
Arab Journalist Views Prospects for Peace2009-July-17

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