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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Israel: Hamas-Fatah Unity Would Harm Diplomatic Process2011-November-18
Abbas Seeks Unity Government with Hamas, Agrees to Dump PM Fayyad2011-November-16
Quartet Talks Unlikely to Jump-Start Negotiations 2011-November-14
PA Warns Violence Could Follow Stymied UN Bid2011-November-11
PA Unlikely to Ask for Full UN Membership 2011-November-11
A Diplomatic Intifada2011-November-10
After UNESCO Win, PA to Pursue Israel in International Forums2011-November-07
Syria's Choice: Murderous Secular Regime or Islamic Fundamentalists 2011-November-04
NGO: PA Doesn't Meet UNESCO Statehood Guidelines 2011-November-03
Israel to Accelerate Construction in Jerusalem Area after UNESCO Vote 2011-November-02
Mahmoud Abbas' Empty Threats2011-November-02
Islamic Jihad Becoming a Threat to Hamas2011-October-31
Abbas: Arabs Erred in Rejecting 1947 Partition Plan 2011-October-31
Hamas: Shalit Won't Be Last Soldier We Kidnap 2011-October-14
Fatah Official: U.S. Is #1 Palestinian Enemy2011-October-10
Palestinian Extortion 2011-October-07
Abbas Moving Closer to the Anti-U.S. Camp 2011-September-27
Israel Welcomes, PA Rejects Quartet's Proposal2011-September-26
Fatah Calls for Mass Marches in West Bank Cities Ahead of UN Vote2011-September-13
U.S. Officially Asks PA to Abandon UN Recognition Plan2011-September-08
Top U.S. Negotiators Arrive in Israel for Final Push to Start Talks2011-September-06
"UN Recognition Won't Stop PA's Demand for Right of Return"2011-August-29
PA Cuts Satirical TV Series 2011-August-18
PA Leaders Invited to Washington in Bid to Avoid UN Plan2011-August-05
Abbas: U.S. Rejection of Statehood Plan Unclear2011-July-28
Hamas Can't Pay Full Salaries Either, Like the PA2011-July-27
PLO Official: PA Should Delay UN Statehood Bid 2011-July-20
Why the Palestinians Don't Want Fayyad2011-July-18
Palestinians Cannot Accept Less than 100 Percent2011-July-15
Palestinian Envoys Clash with Washington over UN State Bid2011-July-11
Palestinian Unity Deal on Hold2011-July-08
PA Cracks Down on Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamists 2011-July-05
Life for Palestinians in Gaza Improved, So Why Send Flotilla There? 2011-July-01
The Implications of Raised Expectations in Palestine 2011-June-29
Abbas Has No Mandate2011-June-16
U.S. Tells PA It Will Block Palestine Statehood Bid at UN2011-June-10
PA May Delay Plans to Ask UN for Statehood in September2011-June-09
Syria Changes the Subject 2011-June-09
PA Praises Obama Decision Not to Move Embassy to Jerusalem2011-June-06
Fatah Has Never Recognized Israel and Will Never Do So 2011-June-02
Fatah Revolutionary Council Urges Palestinians to Escalate "Popular Resistance" 2011-May-13
Fatah-Hamas Tensions Return Despite Fresh Unity Deal2011-May-06
Will Hamas Take Over the Palestinian Authority?2011-May-05
Handing Victory to Hamas2011-April-29
Hamas Kills Murderers of Italian Activist2011-April-20
Is the Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt Finished?2011-April-15
The Palestinians' Own Goal 2011-April-14
Journalists Accepting Bribes from Arab Dictators2011-April-06
PA Still Intends to Pursue Israeli "War Crimes" at UN, ICC2011-April-04
Why Is Abbas Running After Hamas? 2011-March-29

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