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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Israel Helps Palestinians Prevent Coronavirus 2020-March-16
Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their Lives2020-March-11
PA Legislative Council Member Arrested for Questioning Abbas' Mental Health2020-March-09
Israeli Election a Reminder of the Absence of Democracy under the PA and Hamas 2020-March-05
Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It2020-March-02
Palestinians Condemn U.S. for Offering to Help 2020-February-25
Palestinian Backlash Against Meetings with Israelis Will Deter Future Attempts to Promote Dialogue2020-February-21
Why Arabs in Israel Do Not Want to Live in "Palestine"2020-February-21
Palestinian Officials Face Threats for Normalizing Ties with Israel2020-February-19
Ramallah Officials: Palestinians Won't Halt Security Ties with Israel, U.S.2020-February-05
Palestinians Fear Some Arab Countries Might Accept U.S. Peace Plan 2020-January-28
Palestinians Protest World Leaders' Visit to Jerusalem for Holocaust Forum2020-January-24
Why Some Palestinians Love Soleimani2020-January-17
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Criticized for Mourning "Murderer" Soleimani 2020-January-06
Palestinians Are Victims of Their Arab Brothers2020-January-02
Gaza Border Protests Suspended for 3 Months 2019-December-27
Why Does the International Community Support Hamas While It Seeks Israel's Destruction?2019-December-27
Iran's Plan to Foil a Gaza-Israel Ceasefire2019-December-20
How Palestinian Leaders Sabotage Palestinians' Interests 2019-December-09
Palestinians Declare "Day of Rage" Against U.S., Israel 2019-November-25
Hamas: Islamic Jihad Doesn't Get to Decide for Us about War with Israel2019-November-15
Palestinian Islamic Jihad "Engages the Enemy"2019-November-13
Hamas Joins Iranian Plan to Foil Arabs' Anti-Corruption Protests 2019-November-05
The Arab Spring Will Arrive, Sooner or Later, for the Palestinians2019-November-01
PA Blocks 59 Critical Websites2019-October-22
Palestinian Authority Opposes Construction of New Hospital in Gaza2019-September-27
Why Arabs Hate Palestinians2019-September-13
State Department Removes Palestinians from Its List of Countries 2019-August-26
Egypt Arrests Son of Abbas Adviser2019-August-23
Jordan Parliament Calls for Expelling Israeli Ambassador 2019-August-21
PA to Offer Financial Incentives to Palestinians Who Move to Jordan Valley 2019-August-20
PA Bans LGBTQ Activities in West Bank 2019-August-19
Palestinians Condemn Abbas Meeting with Israeli Candidates2019-August-15
Will Palestinians in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas? 2019-August-14
PA Launches an Anti-Crime Campaign2019-August-06
Palestinians: West Bank Areas "A, B, and C No Longer Exist"2019-August-01
Palestinians Skeptical about Abbas' Move to Halt Agreements with Israel2019-July-29
Palestinians Call for Blacklisting Arab Journalists for Visiting Israel 2019-July-23
The Hamas March to Destroy Israel2019-July-17
Why Palestinians Do Not Trust Their Leaders2019-July-12
Hamas Holds on to Power in Gaza2019-July-08
Poll: 80 Percent of Palestinians Believe Arabs Have Abandoned Them2019-July-05
Palestinian Businessman Who Attended Bahrain Economic Workshop: "I'm Afraid for My Life" 2019-July-02
Palestinians Condemn Arabs while Asking for Arab Money 2019-June-28
Corruption in the Palestinian Authority2019-June-21
Fatah Expels Mayor after Jews Attend Son's Wedding 2019-June-18
Arab States Pressuring Palestinians to Attend Bahrain Economic Workshop2019-May-24
Hamas and Islamic Jihad Vow to "Liberate Palestine" 2019-May-16
Palestinian Leaders and Inconvenient Truths2019-May-10
Palestinian Businessman Launches New Party2019-May-10

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