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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Palestinian Authority Cracks Down on Activists, Rivals in West Bank 2021-October-14
Why Palestinians Prefer to Work in Israel2021-October-14
Why Arabs Are Annoyed with the Europeans 2021-October-07
Palestinians Mock Abbas' Ultimatum to Israel2021-September-27
Palestinian Authority Failing to Enforce Law and Order in Hebron2021-September-27
Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood 2021-September-23
Capture of Escaped Prisoners Shows Israeli Intelligence Prowess2021-September-20
Will the U.S. Take a Tough Stance Against Increased Houthi Attacks on Saudi Arabia?2021-September-15
Why U.S. Aid to the PA Will Not Bring Peace 2021-September-09
The Taliban's Palestinian Partners: Implications for the Middle East Peace Process 2021-September-06
Palestinians: No Return to Peace Talks under U.S. Leadership2021-August-30
EU Delays PA Funding, Deepening Financial Crisis 2021-August-26
Jihadis Sense U.S. Weakness 2021-August-26
Abbas Steps Up Crackdown on Critics2021-August-23
69 Hamas Members Sentenced to Prison in Saudi Arabia 2021-August-09
Jordan Foiled ISIS Plot to Kill IDF Soldiers2021-July-29
Palestinians in Gaza Accuse Hamas of Storing Weapons in Residential Areas2021-July-26
PA Arrests Singer for Performing for Palestinian Workers at Israeli Industrial Park in West Bank2021-July-19
The Palestinian Police State 2021-July-08
Abbas Appears Emboldened by Resumption of U.S. Aid, Cracks Down on Rivals 2021-June-24
Report: PA Formulates Negotiating Demands2021-June-17
The Poisonous Fruit of Appeasing Iran's Mullahs 2021-June-17
The Arab World Is Telling the U.S.: "Don't Embolden Iran" 2021-June-10
PA Pays $42,000 to Family of Terrorist Who Murdered Two Israelis 2021-June-07
Palestinians Protest Against Blinken's Visit to Ramallah 2021-May-26
The Palestinian Voices Blinken Needs to Hear 2021-May-26
Iran Supports Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza 2021-May-16
Most Jerusalem Arabs Not Interested in PA Elections 2021-May-13
What Is Hamas Trying to Achieve by Fighting Israel? 2021-May-12
Hamas' Hand Seen in Jerusalem Riots2021-May-10
Most Palestinians Want New Elections 2021-May-03
What Triggered the Uptick in Palestinian Violence? 2021-April-26
Extremist Anti-Peace Groups Are Exploiting the Palestinian Elections2021-April-22
Will the Shift in Israeli Arab Politics Change the Palestinian Discourse? 2021-April-22
Fatah Prisoners Call on Abbas to Delay Elections2021-April-19
Is the U.S. Supporting Palestinian Dictatorship? 2021-April-14
Arabs Warn Biden about Iran's Mullahs2021-March-29
PA and Hamas Silent on Plight of Palestinians in Syria 2021-February-25
Will New Palestinian Elections Strengthen the Radical Camp?2021-February-18
Palestinians: We Didn't Ask Israel for Covid-19 Vaccine2020-December-21
"The Only Ones Who Suffered from the Suspension of Security Coordination Were the Palestinians"2020-December-14
Palestinians Preparing List of Demands for Biden2020-November-23
Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to Palestinians2020-November-19
Arab Normalization and Palestinian Radicalization: The Tug of War over the Middle East Peace Process2020-November-12
A New Understanding Dawns in the Middle East 2020-November-05
PA Security Officers Kill Top Fatah Militant 2020-November-02
The Arab World Has Decided to Move Forward without the Palestinians2020-October-29
Palestinians Accuse Gulf Arabs of "Desecrating" Al-Aqsa Mosque 2020-October-19
Instead of Making Peace, Abbas Is Talking to Hamas, Turkey and Qatar2020-October-19
Gulf Arabs Criticize Palestinians2020-October-12

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