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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Israel's "Peace Partner" behind Terrorist Attacks Against Israel2022-September-29
PA Not Interested in Military Showdown with IDF2022-September-19
The Palestinians and the World Do Not Need Another Corrupt, Failed Terrorist Arab State 2022-September-15
Is Violent Palestinian "Armed Struggle" Returning to West Bank?2022-September-01
PA Security Forces Raid University Dorms, Beat Students2022-August-25
Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel - Right after Iran Deal Is Signed2022-August-25
Iran's Proxy War Against Israel2022-August-18
Palestinian Terror Groups Applaud Jerusalem Attack 2022-August-15
Palestinians Demand Elections as Discontent with Leadership Grows2022-August-07
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Has Become a Major Threat to Hamas2022-August-07
"National Rescue Initiative" Challenges Palestinian Leadership, Seeks Reforms2022-July-28
PA Losing Control of Northern West Bank to Fatah and Islamic Jihad Gunmen2022-July-25
Why Arabs Are Fed Up with the Palestinians2022-July-14
PA Foils Hamas Plot to Seize West Bank Security Base 2022-June-16
House Demolitions by Hamas in Gaza 2022-June-16
Hamas Wins Birzeit University Student Election2022-May-19
PA's Abbas Vows to Continue Payments to Prisoners and "Martyrs"2022-May-16
PA, Jordan Seek to Prevent Hamas Takeover of Temple Mount 2022-May-09
The Reemergence of Jenin as a Palestinian Terror Hub2022-April-14
Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of Jews2022-April-14
Arabs Express Disappointment and Frustration with U.S. Middle East Policy 2022-April-07
Abbas Loyalists Lose Bethlehem University Election2022-April-04
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Call to Step Up Attacks in West Bank, Jerusalem2022-March-17
Palestinian Woman Recounts Torture by Palestinian Interrogators2022-March-17
Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Slams Former U.S. Vice President Pence for "Storming" Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron 2022-March-14
Palestinians: U.S. Weakness Facilitates the Rise of Jihad and Fundamentalism2022-March-10
Capitulation to Iran Endangers Arabs, Middle East, U.S.2022-March-03
Palestinian Clans Fill Vacuum Created by PA in Hebron 2022-February-24
How the Killing of Fatah Gunmen Serves Abbas2022-February-10
The Human Rights Violations No One Talks About2022-February-10
Why Palestinian Leaders Ignore Arab Atrocities2022-January-27
Gulf Arabs Slam Palestinian Terror Groups for "Supporting" Houthi Attacks 2022-January-24
Arabs Voice Growing Concern over Iran's Malicious Intentions 2022-January-13
Parents of Palestinian Murderers "Proud of Their Sons"2021-December-20
Incitement Behind Rise in Palestinian Terror Attacks2021-December-09
The Islamic "Scholar" Who Carried Out the Jerusalem Shooting Attack 2021-November-22
PA Forces Confront Gunmen in Jenin in West Bank 2021-November-22
Palestinians Fear "Civil War" amid Growing Anarchy 2021-November-18
Thousands in West Bank Attend Funeral of Top Hamas Official 2021-November-15
The Palestinian Authority Campaign Against Palestinian NGOs2021-November-08
Palestinian Prisoners No One Talks About2021-October-28
Palestinian Authority Cracks Down on Activists, Rivals in West Bank 2021-October-14
Why Palestinians Prefer to Work in Israel2021-October-14
Why Arabs Are Annoyed with the Europeans 2021-October-07
Palestinians Mock Abbas' Ultimatum to Israel2021-September-27
Palestinian Authority Failing to Enforce Law and Order in Hebron2021-September-27
Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood 2021-September-23
Capture of Escaped Prisoners Shows Israeli Intelligence Prowess2021-September-20
Will the U.S. Take a Tough Stance Against Increased Houthi Attacks on Saudi Arabia?2021-September-15
Why U.S. Aid to the PA Will Not Bring Peace 2021-September-09

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