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Jonathan Tobin

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Building in Jerusalem Won't Prevent Peace 2013-July-01
Hate, Not Time, Is the Enemy of Peace2013-June-27
Gaza Illustrates Palestinian Statehood 2013-June-25
"Khaybar" - A Middle East Reality Check2013-June-20
The End of Palestinian Reform2013-June-04
Palestinians Want U.S. Cash, Not Peace2013-May-30
Why the Al-Dura Blood Libel Still Matters2013-May-20
Why Didn't the 1967 Borders Bring Peace? 2013-May-10
Is the Arab Peace Plan Really about Peace? 2013-May-02
The Misleading Fayyad Blame Game2013-April-25
PA Prime Minister Fayyad's Resignation Is Bad News for Palestinians and Israel 2013-April-15
Kerry's Shuttle Diplomacy2013-April-05
Obama's Visit with Abbas in Ramallah2013-March-22
Obama May Just Want to Manage Middle East Conflict2013-March-11
Iran's North Korean Example 2013-March-08
Obama's Intifada Welcoming Committee 2013-February-25
When Will the Palestinians Return to Negotiations?2013-February-14
A Study in False Moral Equivalence2013-February-05
Does Obama Know Better than Israel What Its Interests Are?2013-January-17
Egypt's U.S.-Subsidized Politics of Hate2013-January-16
Palestinians Burning their Bridges2012-December-24
The Real Obstacle to Peace2012-December-20
Telling the Truth on Facebook2012-December-19
Israel's Building No Obstacle to Peace 2012-December-04
Questions about U.S.-Iran Negotiations2012-November-07
Is the Fall of the Iranian Regime Imminent?2012-October-04
West Should Not Apologize for Cartoons 2012-September-21
Chasing after the Palestinians for Peace 2012-August-10
Hamas Summer Camps Are Child Abuse2012-July-16
Settlements' Legality Won't Prevent Peace 2012-July-12
Narrow BDS Defeat Nothing to Celebrate2012-July-09
The Lessons of Yitzhak Shamir 2012-July-02
Heritage Site Is Jewish, Not Just Palestinian2012-June-28
What Six Days Achieved2012-June-08
Israel Can't Solve Africa's Problems2012-May-28
Iran Isn't Taking the West's First Offer2012-May-24
The Meaning of Nakba Day2012-May-16
Palestinians Short of Ideas, Not Guns2012-May-14
Hunger Strikers' Goal Is Not Peace2012-May-07
Friedman's Clueless Middle East Advice 2012-April-05
Violence and Rejectionism at the Heart of Palestinian "Land Day" Show2012-April-02
Who Marginalized the Palestinians?2012-March-09
Put Palestinian Tactics, Not Israeli Military Justice, On Trial2012-February-22
Iran's Subsidiary Goal: Disarm Israel2012-January-17
Killing Iranian Scientists Is Not Terrorism 2012-January-13
Tom Friedman's Slur Swap Changes Nothing2011-December-21
Arab Protests about Jerusalem Renovation Reveal the Real Obstacle to Peace 2011-November-30
Resenting Israel, Not Netanyahu 2011-November-11
Palestinian "Moderates" Praise Terror to Arabic Media; Talk Peace to the West2011-November-04
Rockets Still Flying from the Real Palestinian State 2011-November-01

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