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Jonathan Tobin

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The Price of Unjustifiable Murder2015-December-17
Why It Matters that Iran Lied 2015-December-03
Why the Palestinians Keep Killing 2015-November-20
Why Unilateral Israeli Moves Won't Bring Peace 2015-November-13
Sorry Bill, It's Not Up to Israel2015-November-02
A Method Behind Palestinian Madness2015-October-06
Encouraging Palestinian Terror 2015-September-17
The Truth about Iran and Israel2015-August-14
Why Flotillas Sail to Gaza, Not Syria 2015-July-03
UN Gaza War Report Leaves No Room for Israeli Self-Defense 2015-June-23
The Battle of the Gaza War Reports2015-June-16
The Unfortunate Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem2015-June-09
Judge Palestinians By the Same Standard as the Israelis2015-May-22
Hopes for a Two-State Solution2015-March-27
New Chair Can't Salvage UN Gaza Travesty 2015-February-03
Time to Call Abbas' Bluff2015-January-07
Palestinian Christmas Lies2014-December-25
The Palestinians' UN Charade Collapses 2014-December-19
Will U.S. Veto UN Resolution on Palestinian State?2014-December-16
Which Palestine Do Europeans Recognize?2014-October-15
The Israeli "Land Grab" and Hopes for Peace2014-September-02
Don't Count on Abbas in Gaza2014-August-14
Moral Equivalence No Answer to Terror2014-July-01
Iran's Latest Nuclear Gamble Seems Safe 2014-May-23
A Postmortem of U.S. Diplomacy2014-May-07
After Latest Palestinian "No," the Search for Plan B 2014-May-02
Abbas and Holocaust Commemoration 2014-April-28
Israel Will Never Walk Away from Negotiations 2014-April-11
Is Israel to Blame for Peace Talks Collapse?2014-April-09
A Murderer's Life and the Chances of Peace2014-March-31
At the Heart of the Jewish State Issue 2014-March-12
No Separating Iran's Nukes From Terrorism 2014-March-07
The Long Iran Stall Begins Again2014-February-19
Boycotts Driven By Hate, Not Settlements2014-February-07
Refugees Who Insist on the Impossible2014-January-22
Indigenous? Native American Studies and Big Lies about Israel2013-December-19
Kerry's Peace Framework2013-December-13
Using the Bedouin to Attack Israel 2013-December-04
FBI Stats Again Belie Islamophobia Myth2013-November-27
A Cultural Gulf Between Israel and Palestine2013-October-31
Palestinian Terms Leave Little to Talk About2013-October-28
The Tunnel Discovery: Gaza's Only Export Is Violence2013-October-15
The Big Problem in Jerusalem Isn't the Jews 2013-September-24
U.S. Credibility, Not "Israel Lobby," Will Decide Syria Vote2013-September-04
The West Bank Terror War 2013-August-27
The Palestinians Don't Want to Be Alone with Israel 2013-August-23
Why Does the Muslim Brotherhood Attack Churches? 2013-August-15
A Palestinian Culture of Violence2013-August-06
Would Americans Release Terrorist Killers? 2013-July-29
The High Price of Kerry's Victory2013-July-22

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