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Jonathan Tobin

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If the Palestinians Want Independence, They Will Need to Pay a Lot More for it Now 2018-June-29
An End to the UN's Human-Rights Farce2018-June-22
Gaza and International Opinion 2018-April-03
How Much Do the Palestinians Pay for Terror? 2018-March-20
The U.S. Embassy Is Moving to Jerusalem...and the World Won't End2018-February-27
Nuclear Deal Linked to Iranian Gains in Syria2018-February-15
Why a Palestinian Aid Cut Threat Makes Sense 2018-January-09
Defining "Occupied" and the Semantic Battle for Peace 2018-January-05
Trump and Jerusalem 2017-December-04
Time for a Peace Process Paradigm Change?2017-November-21
How Balfour Explains Why the Peace Process Failed 2017-November-01
That Inconvenient Israeli Consensus 2017-October-23
Moderate Sunni Arab States Will Not Force Palestinians to Make Peace2017-August-03
The Limited Influence of Moderate Arab States on the Palestinians 2017-July-27
The Argument Is About Jews, Not Metal Detectors 2017-July-25
Abbas Can't Evade Responsibility for Temple Mount Tensions 2017-July-20
Palestinian Political Culture Makes It Impossible for Abbas to Stop Paying Terrorists2017-June-15
The U.S. Relies on Israel for Indispensable Intelligence 2017-May-19
Does Iran Have a Veto on Israeli-Palestinian Peace?2017-April-25
Will Withholding U.S. Funds to PA Until They Stop Supporting Terror Do More Harm than Good? 2017-April-07
Stop Denying the Israeli Consensus on the Palestinians2017-April-03
New UN Report Libels Israel, Promotes Hatred, and Makes Peace Less Likely2017-March-20
Trump Changes the U.S. Message to the Palestinians 2017-February-16
Why This UN Resolution Was Different 2016-December-28
Identifying the Real Threat to Jews2016-December-16
Who Is Responsible for the Shuafat Refugee Camp? 2016-December-05
Israel's Terror Fires 2016-November-28
UNESCO Vote Hurts Palestinian Cause 2016-October-21
Is the Tide Turning for Israel?2016-October-14
Why Abbas Won't Accept Netanyahu's Offer to Address the Israeli People at the Knesset2016-September-23
Palestinian Hostility to the Presence of Jews Must Be Addressed 2016-September-15
Israel and Its Arab Neighbors Drawn Together by Iran 2016-September-02
Where Palestinian Aid Really Goes 2016-August-12
Why Fayyad Will Fail Again2016-July-15
The Importance of Elie Wiesel2016-July-04
Why Iran's Post-Deal Terror Matters2016-June-10
Palestinians Blew Up U.S.-Sponsored Negotiations in 2014 2016-June-03
The Peace Charade2016-June-01
Is Building Terror Tunnels a War Crime? 2016-May-24
The Palestinians Could Have Had a State If They Wanted One2016-May-16
In Whose Name Does Hamas Dig?2016-May-06
Israel a Role Model for U.S. Air Force 2016-April-28
Why It Doesn't Matter What Israel Does2016-March-16
Why No Consequences for Abbas?2016-March-11
Iran Pledges Cash for Killing Jews 2016-February-25
Palestinians Pretend Israel Is Stolen Arab Property2016-February-15
An Arab Right to Back Terrorism?2016-February-12
Is It "Human Nature" to Kill Jews?2016-January-28
Palestinians Make No Distinction between West Bank Jews and Tel Aviv Jews 2016-January-20
The Palestinian Christmas Show 2015-December-24

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