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Jonathan Spyer

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Islamic State Inspires Knife Attacks in Israel2015-November-02
Shi'ite Militias Reinforce Assad2015-October-19
What Will the Russians Do in Syria?2015-September-25
Coming of Age in Sinai 2015-July-13
Iraq Falls Apart as Iran-Backed Forces Keep Islamic State at Bay 2015-July-07
Kurdish Liberation of Kobani - A Major Victory But Hard to Replicate2015-January-30
Strike Against Hizbullah in Syrian Golan Was Warning Not to Prepare Another Front Against Israel2015-January-23
Islamic State Fighters Are Moving Closer to Israel 2014-December-29
Mahmoud Abbas Is Playing a Dangerous Double Game2014-November-14
In the Core Sunni-Shia War, the West Has No Ally 2014-October-31
The Broader Nature of the Conflict in Iraq and Syria2014-October-15
Israel and the Arab World: Alliances of Convenience in a Long War2014-September-04
Islamic State Advances2014-August-04
U.S. Weapons Sent to Rebels in April Ended Up with Al-Qaeda2014-June-06
Syria's ISIS Is Crucifying Opponents2014-May-30
Palestinian Magical Thinking2014-May-08
New Sunni Insurgency in Iraq2014-March-26
Muslim Insurgents in Sinai Unwittingly Name Themselves after Jewish Temple in Jerusalem 2014-February-18
Kerry Is Going Through a Learning Process2014-January-22
U.S. Blindspot Shows on the Iran Nuclear Deal 2013-November-29
Muslim Brotherhood in Retreat2013-October-15
U.S. Backing of Russian Plan on Syria Leaves Israel Wary 2013-September-12
Are Non-Al-Qaeda Syrian Rebels "Moderate"? 2013-September-10
Understanding the Place of WMDs in Assad's War Strategy2013-September-02
Car Bombing in the Heart of Hizbullah Territory 2013-July-15
Experts Decry EU Delays on Hizbullah Sanctions 2013-February-22
Fall of Damascus May Not End Syrian Civil War2013-February-12
Hamas' Miscalculation 2012-November-22
Eyewitness Report from Syria2012-November-09
The Israeli Who Sneaked into Syria 2012-October-15
Inside Assad's Killing Fields 2012-September-27
Inside Free Syria 2012-February-20
Assad's Fall May Not Be Imminent 2011-December-13
UN Tribunal Exposes Hizbullah 2011-July-01
Israel's "Syria Option" Was Never One 2011-May-06
Under Fire2011-January-07
The Rise of the Israel-Islamist Conflict 2010-December-29
Losing the Scent in South Lebanon 2010-July-20
The Kurds of Syria: An Oppressed, Forgotten Minority 2010-July-09
Turkish Islamists Came to Fight 2010-June-07
Gaza-West Bank Split Looks Increasingly Permanent 2010-April-23
Analyst Says U.S. Plan Won't Fly2010-April-01
A Reality Too Terrible to Admit2010-March-26
Hamas Fans Flames of Islamic Anger 2010-March-19
Ahmadinejad's Visit to Syria Delivers Snub to U.S.2010-February-26
Long-Term Fallout with UK from Dubai Hit Unlikely 2010-February-18
Iran Hasn't Won Yet2010-January-08
Domino Effect Seen in Lebanon 2009-December-25
Hizbullah's Delusions2009-December-04
Hizbullah: The Unfinished War2009-October-20

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