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Jonathan Spyer

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The Burgeoning Israel-India Strategic Alliance2022-December-01
A Dangerous New Generation of Militants Is Rising in the West Bank2022-October-13
Increased Israeli Air Activity over Syria: Why Now?2022-September-19
Understanding Israel's War in the "Grey Zone" 2020-December-24
The End of the Age of Islamist Insurgency? 2020-October-08
The Assad Regime Is Cracking under Pressure 2020-July-02
Iranian Support Revives Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine2020-May-15
Is Israel's Strategy Against Iran in Syria Working? 2020-May-08
ISIS Is Still Alive2020-April-17
U.S. Redeploys in Iraq2020-April-03
Where Is the Arab Bloc that Championed the Palestinian Cause?2020-March-04
Iran, Hizbullah, and Unidentified Insurgency All Operate in Syria near Israel's Border2020-February-21
The Lehi Underground Almost Targeted British Foreign Minister Bevin in London2020-February-21
Iran's Attacks Against the U.S. in Iraq Accomplished What Was Intended 2020-January-10
Iranians Violated Undeclared Ground Rules with U.S. 2020-January-06
The U.S.-Iran Showdown Begins in Iraq2019-December-31
Fierce Competition for Supremacy in Northeast Syria 2019-December-27
Syrian Army Struggles to Reassume Control in Northern Syria 2019-November-26
A Revolt Against Iran in Iraq and Lebanon 2019-November-01
The End of Kurdish Autonomy in Syria? 2019-October-18
Putin Is the New King of Syria 2019-October-17
Lessons from the U.S. Withdrawal in Syria2019-October-08
Iran Opens a Second Front along Israel's Border2019-October-03
The Iran-Israel War Is Here 2019-August-28
Arabs Say One Thing in Public and Another Behind Closed Doors 2019-August-06
Turkey Sets a Course Against the West 2019-August-05
Getting Iran Out of Syria Is No Easy Task 2019-July-10
Will Iranian-Backed Militias Merge with Iraqi Security Forces?2019-July-05
Iran-Backed Militias Step Up the Battle in Iraq 2019-March-19
The Fall of the Caliphate2019-March-08
Iran's Strategy for Control of Syria2019-February-01
ISIS Finds a Niche in Northern Iraq2018-December-06
A New Order Emerges in Southern Syria as Assad Regains Control2018-December-03
Israel's Interest in the U.S.-Backed Enclave in Eastern Syria2018-August-14
Turkey Expands Operations in Syria and Iraq2018-April-05
The Current Map of Syria2018-February-23
After the Iranian Protests2018-January-19
Syrian Minister Fired over Visit by Israeli Journalist2018-January-03
Tehran Is Winning the War for Control of the Middle East2017-December-01
Iran Completing Its Land Bridge to Israeli Border2017-November-20
Who Will Block Iranian Advancement in the Middle East?2017-August-25
U.S. Strategy and Israel's Stake in Eastern Syria2017-June-23
U.S. Ratcheting Up Activity in Eastern Syria2017-May-26
Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist2017-May-23
Who Will Dominate the Post-Islamic State Landscape in Iraq and Syria? 2017-March-13
Iran and Turkey Jostling for Power in Iraq2016-November-08
Beyond Mosul2016-September-30
Patterns of Subverson: Iranian Use of Proxies in the Middle East2016-September-09
Who Should Rule Syria?2016-August-19
After Five Years, No End in Sight to Syrian Rebellion 2016-August-12

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