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Jennifer Rubin

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The U.S. Needs a Plan for Gaza2021-May-26
Does Israel Abide by International Standards of Human Rights? 2019-June-20
What Is Trump's Israel Policy?2017-February-20
Israel Is Less Isolated than the U.S.2016-April-15
Former CIA Chief Questions U.S. Knowledge of Iran's Nuclear Weaponization 2015-June-18
The Accusation of Racism Against Netanyahu2015-March-20
The Palestinian Authority's Latest Charade2015-January-06
The Pro-Sanctions, Anti-Iran Contingent Grows in the Senate 2014-November-25
What Kerry Doesn't Say2014-April-30
Is Iran about to Violate the Interim Deal? 2014-April-14
What the Iranian Arms Shipment Means2014-March-06
No Deal by U.S. Jewish Leadership on Iran Sanctions Freeze2013-November-04
Iran Stalls, Centrifuges Spin2013-October-18
What Netanyahu Said, and Didn't 2013-October-02
Israel Views America and Syria 2013-September-03
Summer Plans2013-June-14
What Would Happen at a Netanyahu-Abbas-Obama Meeting?2013-February-08
Reading Israel's Election2013-January-25
Saturday People, Sunday People 2012-December-21
"60 Minutes" Does Hatchet Job on Israel2012-April-24
Israel and the Struggle Over the International Laws of War2012-April-20
New U.S. Pressure on Israel2011-June-13
Experts Weigh In on Obama's Middle East Speech 2011-May-26
Bibi Rocks the House2011-May-25
"No U.S. Taxpayer Funds to New Palestinian Unity Government" 2011-May-05
State Department Won't Rule Out Aid to a Fatah-Hamas Government2011-April-29
Hamas-Fatah Pact: Is the Peace Process Over?2011-April-28
Is Obama Abandoning Diplomatic Support for Israel?2011-April-13
Will the U.S., the UN and the Palestinians Renege on Prior Agreements?2011-April-06
Traveling in the West Bank (Part 1)2011-February-25
Traveling in the West Bank (Part 2)2011-February-25
The City of David2011-February-11
500 Americans Ask for Clemency for Jonathan Pollard2011-January-05
A Suggestion to Promote Middle East Peace2010-December-24
Should Jonathan Pollard Be Pardoned? 2010-December-23
Obama's Peace Process Optimism Based on Falsehoods2010-December-22
Sen. Lieberman on Settlement Freeze: "When You Are in a Hole, Stop Digging"2010-December-13
WikiLeaks Cables Tell Us: Linkage Was Nonsense 2010-November-30
Israel Continues Building in Its Own Capital2010-November-11
Who Are Israel's Friends?2010-October-11
Why We Don't Have Peace 2010-September-24
Upgrade What?2010-July-26
Opposition to Obama's Tactics Builds 2010-March-19

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