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Jackson Diehl

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How Biden Can Update the Obama Doctrine on Iran2021-January-21
Is the U.S. Leaning toward Shiite Iran? 2016-January-12
As Palestinian Attacks on Israelis Continue, Administration Takes a More Realistic Tone2015-December-15
U.S. Reverses Policy to Include Iran in Syrian Peace Talks 2015-August-04
The Limits of Engagement2015-July-20
Obama Rolls the Dice on Iran2015-April-13
The "Obama Framework" for Israel and the Palestinians 2015-March-30
The Negotiations with Iran Are About the Future of the Middle East2015-March-17
Obama's Bet on Iran2014-November-10
Obama's Middle East Fallacy 2014-March-17
Has the U.S. Opted Out of the Regional Power Struggle with Iran? 2013-October-28
Wading into the Middle East Morass2013-January-07
Will 2013 See Action on Iran's Nuclear Program?2012-December-24
Lessons from Gaza2012-November-26
A Jihadist Group Prospers in Syria2012-October-29
Obama's Iran and Syria Muddle2012-June-11
Peacemaking Mythologies from Taba to Olmert2012-May-11
Assad Plays the Sectarian Card 2012-May-04
Assessing Abbas' Strategy 2012-April-20
Abbas Punts on the Mideast Peace Process, Again 2012-February-24
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Faces an Uprising at the Ballot Box 2012-February-21
Iran's Measure of Desperation 2012-February-14
Syria's Outcome Has High Stakes for the Entire Mideast2012-February-03
Iran's Unlovable Opposition2012-January-13
Why Netanyahu Can't "Get to the Damn Table"2011-December-16
Why Do Sarkozy and Obama Hate Netanyahu? 2011-November-09
Will Israel Really Attack Iran?2011-November-03
Will Abbas's Desperate Gambit Trigger a Third Intifada?2011-August-22
Why Is Obama So Tough on Israel and Timid on Syria?2011-June-20
Obama and Netanyahu: The Scorecard 2011-May-25
Obama's Mideast Peace Gaffe2011-May-20
Mahmoud Abbas' Formula for War 2011-May-19
The Mourners of Bin Laden2011-May-03
Palestinians Launch Their Revolution2011-April-28
Syria: Another Day, Another Massacre2011-April-20
In Obama's Push for Mideast Peace, Whose Side Is He On?2011-March-28
The Upsides of Egypt's Revolution2011-February-14
Obama Administration Could Still Get It Right on Egypt2011-January-28
The Selling of the "Palestine Papers"2011-January-26
Lebanon: Iran Retains the Initiative in the Mideast 2011-January-14
East Jerusalem Arabs Not Enthusiastic about Joining Palestine 2011-January-12
How WikiLeaks Cables Capture 21st-Century Turkey2010-December-10
Obama's Double-or-Nothing Moment in the Middle East 2010-December-09
Obama's Foreign Policy Needs an Update 2010-November-22
Can the United Nations Create a Palestinian State? 2010-October-28
How Obama Sabotaged Middle East Peace Talks 2010-October-19
Diplomacy by Timetable 2010-October-11
Netanyahu and Obama on the Brink - Again2010-October-08
Why Doesn't Abbas Want Peace Talks?2010-August-13
David Cameron Panders to Turkey - at Israel's Expense2010-July-28

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