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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Palestinians Paid Terrorists $1 Billion in Past 4 Years2017-May-30
European Ambassadors Boycott Tour of New Israeli Rail Route Because It Goes Under West Bank2017-May-26
Israel Focuses on American Help in Containing Iran during Trump Visit 2017-May-22
U.S. Policy on Recognizing Israel's Capital 2017-May-19
Israeli Priorities Ahead of Trump's Visit 2017-May-15
Israel: Those Who Systematically Violate Human Rights in Their Own Country Should Not Preach to Others2017-May-09
Video: Abbas, UNESCO, and the Test of Diplomacy2017-May-08
The Trump Approach to the Palestinian Arena2017-May-05
UNESCO's Latest Resolution on Jerusalem: Much of the Same2017-May-04
The Legacy of the Taliban: Sunni Allies of Teheran 2017-April-21
Netanyahu: Time for Moral Clarity - Barghouti Is a Murderer and Terrorist2017-April-19
Why Is Marwan Barghouti in Prison?2017-April-18
Netanyahu: Israel Supports U.S. Action in Syria2017-April-07
President Rivlin: U.S. Serves as an Example to the Entire Free World2017-April-07
President Rivlin Visits Israeli Model Cow Dairy in Vietnam2017-March-24
Israel Expresses Condolences to UK over Terror Attack2017-March-23
Video: Rex Tillerson's Warnings to North Korea Reached the Middle East2017-March-22
Was the Balfour Declaration Legal?2017-March-17
Video: The False Narrative of Iranian Moderation2017-February-24
Israel Foreign Ministry Decries Bullying by BDS Movement2017-February-22
Iran Continues to Call for Israel's Destruction Despite Nuclear Deal 2017-February-16
"The Two-State Solution": What Does It Really Mean? 2017-February-14
Video: Can the Question of Palestinian Refugees Ever Be Resolved2017-February-10
Israeli International Law Expert: Yasser Arafat Promised Yitzhak Rabin that the Palestinians Would Negotiate the Final Status Issues2017-February-10
China and Israel Celebrate 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations2017-January-27
Video: Rethinking the Iran Agreement2017-January-26
Unilateral Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem - Legal Observations2017-January-24
Israel Eyes Iranian Presence in Syria2017-January-23
The Trump Administration: A Turning Point in Middle East Policy?2017-January-20
The Bedouin Localities of Hiran in Southern Israel2017-January-19
Ex-IDF Officer: Time to Stop PA Terror and Martyr Payments2017-January-18
Debunking Eleven More False Assumptions Regarding Israel2017-January-11
Video: The Only Way to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2017-January-09
Video: The UN Is Ignoring the Real Violators of the Geneva Convention Who Are Changing the Demographic Makeup of Syria2017-January-03
Iran's Pivotal Role in Aleppo Massacres2016-December-30
Netanyahu: Israelis Do Not Need to Be Lectured about the Importance of Peace2016-December-29
The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)2016-December-27
Israel Summons U.S. Ambassador over UN Vote2016-December-26
Video: UN Resolution Contravenes the Oslo Agreement and Empowers Israel's Enemies2016-December-26
Israel Rejects "Shameful" Anti-Israel UN Resolution2016-December-25
Was U.S. Policy on Israel and the UN Changing? 2016-December-23
How Did Israeli Settlements Become a Legally Contentious Issue at the UN?2016-December-22
Dershowit: Support for Israel Must Remain Bipartisan2016-December-15
Britain, U.S. Monitor Israeli Diplomats, Defense Firms 2016-December-08
How Israel Can Help Europe 2016-December-05
A French Turn to the Right?2016-December-01
The Battle Over the Balfour Declaration, 100 Years Later2016-November-30
Refuting Balfour's Detractors 2016-November-28
Warm Relations Can and Must Be Restored with Washington2016-November-11
Middle East Looks to America for Leadership 2016-November-10

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