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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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In the Covid-19 Pandemic, What Are the Reciprocal Israeli and Palestinian Obligations?2020-April-20
International Legal Issues in Preventing the Spread of Contagious Diseases2020-March-25
Israel Flying Israelis Home during Shutdowns 2020-March-24
Security Aspects of the U.S. Peace Plan2020-March-17
The Netherlands Criticizes UN Council's "One-Sided, Anti-Israel" Attitude2020-February-14
Israel Condemns UN Rights Council "Blacklist"2020-February-13
Belgium Invites NGO with Terrorist Ties to UN 2020-February-07
Israel Comes Full Circle with Sudan2020-February-04
Formulating the Peace Plan: "The U.S. Stood with Israel When It Made Cogent Arguments"2020-January-31
White House Sees a Weakened Tehran 2020-January-21
International Holocaust Remembrance Day Almost Didn't Happen 2020-January-21
Italian Opposition Leader Salvini Seeks to Combat Anti-Semitism2020-January-17
Israel Condemns Ukraine's Glorification of Individuals Responsible for the Murder of Jews2020-January-14
The Targeting of Soleimani and International Criticism2020-January-09
Dissecting the U.S. Policy Shift on Jewish West Bank Communities 2020-January-09
Will Turkey Get in the Way of Israeli Gas?2020-January-07
Video: The Turkish-Libyan Maritime Agreement and the Struggle over the Mediterranean2019-December-31
Israel Is Using Digital Diplomacy to Reach Out to the Arab World 2019-December-27
ICC Has No Jurisdiction in Proposed Investigation of Israel2019-December-23
Israel Eyes Dubai Expo as Portal to Arab World2019-December-17
Hamas' Use of Israeli Civilians and Remains of IDF Soldiers as Bargaining Chips Is a Clear Violation of Humanitarian Law2019-December-06
Jerusalem's Tomb of the Kings: Did the French Hijack a Jewish Heritage Site?2019-December-04
Israel Dispatches Aid Mission to Albania following Earthquake2019-December-03
Dore Gold: Congressional Letter about Settlement Illegality "Seriously Flawed" 2019-November-27
The Failure of the International Criminal Court (ICC)2019-November-22
How Significant Is the U.S. Declaration on Israeli Settlements? 2019-November-22
The Legality of Israel's Settlements: Flaws in the Carter-Era Hansell Memorandum 2019-November-21
Israel's Rights in the West Bank under International Law 2019-November-19
U.S. Policy Change on Israeli Settlements: A Long Awaited Correction 2019-November-19
Israel Rejects European Court of Justice Ruling2019-November-13
The European Union Labels Itself Biased 2019-November-13
Israel Calls for Comprehensive Change at UN Palestinian Refugee Aid Agency2019-November-07
Former Israeli Chief Justice Meir Shamgar: The Right Man in the Right Place at the Right Time 2019-November-01
After Hurricane, Israel Provides Bahamas with Water Technology2019-October-22
American Withdrawal and the Future of Israeli Security2019-October-17
Discussion of Agreements with Persian Gulf States Seen as Positive2019-October-08
The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel 2019-October-04
Ireland Ignores Palestinian Textbooks that Encourage Hatred of Israelis2019-September-24
Video: Iran Moves Against the Saudis, Dropping the Pretense of a Proxy War2019-September-24
Behind the French Enthusiasm for Iran 2019-September-23
Netanyahu Tells Moscow: Iran Is Stepping Up Attempts to Attack Israel from Syria2019-September-13
Jordan Valley Needed to Protect Israel from Threats to the East 2019-September-12
New Zealand Suspends Funding to UNRWA2019-August-27
A Ha'aretz Columnist Mangles History, Facts, and International Law 2019-August-16
Israeli Embassy in Finland Attacked for 15th Time in Past 18 Months2019-July-26
EU Foreign Affairs Chief Nominee Downplays Iranian Threats to Annihilate Israel2019-July-25
Israel and Korea Are Having a Moment2019-July-17
Israeli President on State Visit to South Korea2019-July-16
Israeli Foreign Minister Visits Abu Dhabi2019-July-02
Did the International Atomic Energy Agency Recognize a Palestinian State? 2019-June-28

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