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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Real Nakba2008-May-09
First Israel-UK Strategic Dialogue Held in London2008-April-16
Israel to Arabs: "We Extend Our Hand in Friendship"2008-April-15
Palestinians Attack Fuel Terminal2008-April-10
Pragmatic Arab Views of Hamas2008-April-09
Israel to UN: Hamas Using Lull to Smuggle and Produce More Rockets2008-March-26
Canada Shifting towards Israel?2008-March-18
Building Remains from First Temple Period Discovered in Jerusalem2008-March-14
Statement by Israeli Ambassador to UN Human Rights Council2008-March-07
Israel Has No Other Alternative, Must Stop the Rocket Fire from Gaza2008-March-06
Responding to Hamas Attacks from Gaza - Issues of Proportionality2008-March-05
Hamas Artillery Rockets Bombard Ashkelon2008-March-03
Israel's Statement to the Security Council on Palestinian Rocket Fire from Gaza2008-March-03
Israel: Palestinian Rocket Fire Is a War Crime2008-February-28
Israel Sends Medical Aid to Kenya2008-February-26
Livni: Israel Will Act Against Gaza Terror 2008-February-14
Israel's Statement to the Security Council: The Situation in Gaza and Sderot 2008-January-23
Supply of Electricity to Gaza Continues2008-January-21
Escalation of Terror in Gaza2008-January-18
Israel Protests Katyusha Fire from Lebanon 2008-January-09
Are Israeli Settlements Legal?2008-January-08
A Peaceful Palestinian State Is an Israeli Interest2007-December-18
Olmert: Israel Must Assure Security for Its Citizens, Even If This Requires Considerable Time2007-December-03
Olmert at Annapolis: We Want Peace; We Demand an End to Terror, Incitement and Hatred2007-November-28
Israeli Confidence-Building Measures Toward the Palestinians2007-November-15
Toward Annapolis2007-November-14
Israel Prepares for Annapolis 2007-November-07
Photos of Archaeological Finds2007-October-22
Israel, Europe Discuss Cooperation in Space Exploration2007-October-18
Syria Confirms Target of Israeli Attack Was Nuclear Facility2007-October-17
Israel Should Become a Member of the Council of Europe2007-October-05
Israel Sends Hurricane Aid to Nicaragua2007-September-24
"Under God's Sovereignty" Is Not a Solution 2007-September-12
Israel's Agenda for the 62nd UN General Assembly2007-September-05
15-Year-Old Palestinian Bomber Intercepted2007-August-30
Terror in Gaza: Two Months Since the Hamas Takeover2007-August-24
Israel to Send Emergency Firefighting Equipment to Macedonia2007-August-10
Ebbing Violence Eases Fears2007-August-10
New Voices in the Arab World2007-August-03
Hamas: Recognition of Israel Is Out of the Question2007-June-05
Israel Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Reunification of Jerusalem2007-May-15
Until They Accept Responsibility2007-May-10
Preserving Humanitarian Principles While Combating Terrorism: Israel's Struggle with Hizbullah in the Lebanon War2007-May-03
Hizbullah Leader Admits Orders Come from Tehran2007-April-23
IDF Chief: We Shall Not Back Down If War Is Forced on Us 2007-April-23
Olmert: "Abbas Has Grossly Violated a Series of Commitments He Has Given to Israel"2007-March-26
Israeli Cabinet: New Palestinian Government Does Not Accept Principles of the International Community2007-March-19
What's Missing from the Saudi Initiative - Negotiations2007-March-14
Our World Is Divided between Moderates and Extremists Headed by Iran2007-March-13
Transcript of Prime Minister Olmert's Meeting with the Foreign Press2007-February-22

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