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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Sgt. Gilad Shalit Still in Terrorist Captivity2009-June-25
Israel Calls for Negotiations with Palestinians without Preconditions2009-June-22
Report: Israel's Efforts in Supporting the Palestinian Economy, Security Reforms and Civil Affairs 2009-June-10
Israel Calls for Action to Block Iran Nuclear Weapons, IAEA Should Investigate Syria2009-June-08
Israel's Reaction to President Obama's Speech in Cairo2009-June-05
Netanyahu Convenes Ministerial Committee on Improving Situation of the Palestinians2009-May-28
Israel Seeks Discussions with PA Without Preconditions2009-May-26
Israeli Prime Minister Says Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided2009-May-22
Israel: Syria's Assad Wants Only Peace Process, Not Peace Accord; Strict Sanctions on Iran Could Make Military Action Unnecessary2009-May-18
Israel Removes More Roadblocks in Ramallah Area2009-May-11
The Inadequacy of International Law2009-May-08
Israel: UN Report Ignores Truth on Installations Damaged in Gaza War2009-May-05
Israel: World Bank Report on West Bank Water Distorts Facts2009-May-01
Israel Remembrance Day Begins Monday Evening2009-April-27
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day2009-April-21
Building a Palestinian State from the Bottom Up2009-April-16
Text: We Will Honor the Roadmap 2009-April-02
30th Anniversary of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty2009-March-26
Message to the Iranian People from the President of Israel 2009-March-23
Israel Won't Release Hamas Terror Masterminds in Exchange for Captured Soldier2009-March-18
How to Contain the Iranian Threat2009-March-10
Time Not Ripe for Two-State Solution2009-February-27
Averting Abuse of Universal Jurisdiction2009-February-27
Israel Responds to Amnesty Report2009-February-23
Frequently Asked Questions about the IDF Operation Against Hamas Terror in Gaza2009-January-30
Hamas War Crimes in Gaza2009-January-30
Israel Condemns Hamas' Moral Acrobatics2009-January-26
Israel: UN Rights Council a "Fairytale World"2009-January-13
We Have to Defend Ourselves From the Terrorists Who Have Taken the Palestinian People Hostage2009-January-09
The Tragedy at the School in Gaza2009-January-07
Humanitarian Aid Arrangement for Gaza Residents2009-January-07
Israel Must Defend Its Citizens2008-December-28
Prisoner Release a Confidence-Building Measure2008-December-16
Atlanta Consul General an Arab Who Represents Israel Well2008-November-21
Israel Seeks Brotherhood and Peace 2008-November-13
Democracy, Solidarity, Sovereignty and Tolerance 2008-October-31
Jerusalem: The Dangers of Division 2008-October-03
Israel: The Iranian People Are Not Our Enemies 2008-September-25
Israel: Hamas More Powerful than PA 2008-September-11
IDF and PA Security Officials Meet 2008-August-06
Israel Calls for Peaceful Solution in Georgia2008-August-05
From "Conflict Resolution" to "Conflict Management"2008-July-04
Agreement on the Release of Israel's Missing and Captive Soldiers in Lebanon 2008-June-30
Two Years in Terrorist Captivity2008-June-26
Israel: Security Must Exist Prior to the Establishment of a Palestinian State 2008-June-25
Israel Confirms Gaza Truce to Take Effect Thursday 2008-June-18
The Iranian Threat Must Be Stopped 2008-June-05
Cutting Out the Middleman 2008-May-30
Syria and Israel Start Peace Talks2008-May-21
Hamas Holding Gaza Population Hostage2008-May-09

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