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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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David and Goliath in the Middle East 2010-January-29
International Holocaust Remembrance Day - President Shimon Peres 2010-January-28
Israeli Field Hospital in Haiti Has Performed 140 Life-Saving Operations 2010-January-21
Israeli Aid to Haiti 2010-January-19
Iraq to Demand Compensation from Israel over 1981 Nuclear Reactor Strike2010-January-06
The Palestinian Refusal to Negotiate Peace 2010-January-05
How Can Peace Be Achieved?2010-January-01
The Peace Process with the Palestinians: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 2009-December-31
Israel at Shanghai World Expo 20102009-December-25
Israel Coordinates with Church Leaders for Christmas Holiday2009-December-23
Europe's Israel Obsession2009-December-23
Conference of Global Forum on Combating Antisemitism Opens in Jerusalem2009-December-17
Israel's Response to the EU Foreign Ministers Statement 2009-December-09
The Improved Economic Situation in the Palestinian Authority2009-December-07
Israel: We Hope Settlement Freeze Can Kick-Start Peace Talks2009-November-26
Israel: "Settlements Have Never Been an Obstacle to Peace"2009-November-25
President Peres Meets with Egyptian President Mubarak2009-November-23
A Paradox of Peacemaking: How Fayyad's Unilateral Statehood Plan Undermines the Legal Foundations of Israeli-Palestinian Diplomacy 2009-November-16
The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel with the False Charge of Apartheid2009-November-12
Documented Proof of Iranian Complicity in Arms Smuggling to Terrorists2009-November-11
Arms Ship Part of Iranian Campaign to Support Radical Forces2009-November-10
Israel to UN: Gaza Report "Was Conceived in Hate and Executed in Sin"2009-November-05
Response to Amnesty Report on Israeli-Palestinian Water Issues2009-October-28
Israel: We Want to Coexist in Peace2009-October-22
Israeli Presidential Conference Opens in Jerusalem2009-October-20
Gaza Facts: The Israeli Perspective 2009-October-19
Israel's Response to the Human Rights Council2009-October-16
President Peres to Spanish Prime Minister: "We Do Not Need Outside Judges"2009-October-16
Israel Sends Aid to Flood-Stricken Burkina Faso2009-October-14
Israeli Foreign Minister Visiting Kazakhstan 2009-October-12
Israel to Release 20 Palestinian Women Prisoners in Exchange for Video of Gilad Shalit2009-September-30
Israel to UN Human Rights Council: Goldstone Report a "Betrayal of Israelis and Moderate Palestinians Alike"2009-September-30
The Stumbling Block of the Arab Initiative 2009-September-25
Ritual Bath Used by Temple Pilgrims Found in Jerusalem2009-September-24
Prime Minister Netanyahu Responds to the Goldstone Report2009-September-18
Goldstone Report: A Challenge to Democracies Fighting Terror2009-September-18
Israel Is Appalled and Disappointed by the Goldstone Report2009-September-16
Gaza Facts: The Israeli Perspective2009-September-16
Palestinian "Policemen" Killed in Gaza Operation Were Trained Terrorists 2009-September-14
Israeli Foreign Minister: "We Are Looking for a Way to Continue Normal Life"2009-August-24
Why Is Palestinian Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State Important?2009-August-20
Israel Sends Emergency Aid to Typhoon-Struck Taiwan 2009-August-17
Judgments of the Israel Supreme Court: Fighting Terrorism within the Law2009-August-06
Israel: Gaza Operation Was "Necessary and Proportionate" 2009-July-31
Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses the National Defense College2009-July-30
Israeli Foreign Minister: Peace Cannot Be Achieved by Coercion2009-July-14
Israel Still Waiting for Palestinian Response on Start of Negotiations2009-July-10
Boat Attempting Illegal Entry into Gaza Intercepted2009-July-01
President of Israel on Official Visit to Muslim States of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan2009-June-30
Netanyahu Outlines Five Principles of Peace2009-June-29

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