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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Anti-Israel Activists Hound Israeli Arab Diplomat2011-February-08
Netanyahu and Blair Announce Economic Steps to Assist Palestinian Authority2011-February-07
Israel Summons Irish Ambassador over Palestinian Envoy Upgrade 2011-January-26
Israel Upgrades Kenya's Medical Abilities 2011-January-14
Archaeological Excavations in Israel 20112011-January-14
The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords2011-January-05
Israel Submits Complaint to UN on Continued Attacks from Gaza2010-December-22
The Fallacy of the 1967 Borders - No Such Borders Ever Existed2010-December-21
Recognition of a Palestinian State - Premature, Legally Invalid, and Undermining any Bona Fide Negotiation Process2010-December-09
Israel Building New Peace Path Together with U.S.2010-December-09
Netanyahu: No Embarrassment to Ask for Help in Natural Disaster2010-December-06
Netanyahu: A Heartwarming Response from the International Community 2010-December-06
Other Countries Help Israel Fight Carmel Forest Fire2010-December-06
Palestinian Revisionism Is the Only Obstacle to Peace 2010-December-02
Israel Protests to UN over Palestinian Phosphorous Attack2010-November-22
Israeli Software Decodes Speech Emotions2010-November-12
Netanyahu: If Peace Deal Is Possible, It Can Be Reached in a Year 2010-November-12
Netanyahu Lauds Close U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation2010-November-11
"Holy Work" that Builds Bridges between Israel's Minorities2010-October-22
New YouTube Channel: Israel Beyond Politics 2010-October-14
Palestinian Preconditions for Peace Talks2010-September-28
Netanyahu: There Must Be Symmetry in Any Peace Agreement2010-September-22
Israel Is Committed to Obama's Vision of "Two States for Two Peoples"2010-September-22
President Peres at the UN: "We Share the Burden of Saving the World from War and Hunger"2010-September-21
Measures Taken by Israel in Support of Developing the Palestinian Economy and Socio-Economic Structure2010-September-17
Construction Equipment to Upgrade Sewage Treatment Facilities Enters Gaza2010-September-14
The Resumption of Direct Talks between Israel and the Palestinians 2010-September-01
14 Israeli Policemen on UN Mission in Haiti 2010-August-26
Foreign Minister Lieberman: We've Made Gestures, But Palestinian Incitement Continues2010-August-26
Israel Dispatches Police Team to Aid Haiti 2010-July-27
International Bodies Join Forces to Fight Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial2010-July-23
Israel Taking Steps to Reduce Civilian Casualties in Future Wars2010-July-21
Palestinians Have to Say "The Conflict Is Over," As Sadat Did2010-July-12
Netanyahu: "We Can Make Peace with the Palestinian Authority"2010-July-12
Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Release 1,000 Palestinian Terrorists in Exchange for Gilad Shalit2010-July-02
Netanyahu to Mitchell: Time to Put Aside PA Preconditions and Begin Direct Talks for Peace2010-July-01
After the Flotilla: Crisis and Opportunity 2010-June-16
Israel's Gaza Policy: Prevent the Entry of War Materiel2010-June-14
The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla 2010-June-01
The Maritime Blockade of Gaza2010-June-01
The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla2010-May-31
Israel: NPT Review Conference Ignores Mideast Realities2010-May-31
Israel Renews Call for Aid Flotilla to Unload Gaza Cargo in Ashdod2010-May-28
Why Is There a Blockade on Gaza?2010-May-27
Israeli Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Despite Hamas Attacks2010-May-27
Israel: Ships Forcing Their Way into Gaza Will Do Nothing to Aid the People There 2010-May-26
Israel to U.S.: Official PA Incitement Must End2010-May-14
Israel Rejects Call by Russia and Turkey to Include Hamas in Diplomatic Process2010-May-13
Israel: Arab World Must Show Commitment to Peace Process 2010-April-16
Measures Taken by Israel in Support of the Palestinian Economy 2010-April-13

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