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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Israel: UNESCO Vote Harms Chances for Peace Negotiations2011-November-02
The Problem Is Palestinian Rejectionism: Why the PA Must Recognize a Jewish State2011-November-02
Map: One Million Israelis Live in Range of Gaza Rocket Fire 2011-October-31
Israel Asks UN to Condemn Gaza Rocket Attacks 2011-October-31
Did the Libyan Leadership Deceive the West?2011-October-27
The Palestinian "Right of Return" Law Leaves No Room for Political Flexibility2011-October-26
Israel to UN: Sustainable Peace Must Be Negotiated 2011-October-25
Israel Approves Agreement for Release of Gilad Shalit2011-October-12
Israel's Reaction to UNESCO Vote2011-October-06
Israeli Prime Minister Meets with Visiting U.S. Secretary of Defense2011-October-04
The Palestinian Bid for Statehood 2011-October-03
Palestinian State Would Not Join International Criminal Court to Avoid Exposing Palestinians to Prosecution2011-September-26
Netanyahu to Obama: Thank You for Supporting Peace through Direct Negotiations2011-September-22
Erdogan Awakens the Sleeping Russian Bear2011-September-21
Israel to PA Donors Conference: Cooperation Could Be Severely Compromised If Palestinians Seek Statehood2011-September-19
Israel Assists Victims of Fuel Explosion in Kenya2011-September-15
As Israel-Turkey Alliance Disintegrates, Analysts Worry2011-September-07
Israel Responds to the UN Report on the Flotilla Incident 2011-September-05
An Energy-Producing Window2011-September-02
The Terrorist Attack on Southern Israel: Under the Authority of Hamas, Using the Tactics of Al-Qaeda2011-August-19
A Blast from the Past: The Upcoming Durban III Conference (September 2011)2011-August-15
Palestinian Rocket and Mortar Attacks on Israel Since the 2009 Gaza War2011-August-08
Israeli Ingenuity Powers GM's Cars of Tomorrow 2011-August-05
Over 170,000 Views for YouTube Video "The Truth about the West Bank"2011-July-29
Israel to UN: Palestinian Bid for Statehood Will Not Bring Peace2011-July-27
Ya'alon to Turkey: Israel Won't Apologize for Flotilla Raid But Will Pay Compensation to Families2011-June-24
How Israel Became a Foreign Aid Power2011-June-24
Israel: Abbas Knows Our Phone Number2011-June-23
The Dangers of Premature Recognition of a Palestinian State2011-June-16
Israel Vows to Cement Ties with China2011-June-01
Maps, Land and History: Why 1967 Still Matters 2011-May-26
Israel Complains to UN Over Syria and Lebanon's Responsibility for Border Riots2011-May-17
Remembrance Day: Israel Remembers Its Fallen Soldiers2011-May-09
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day 20112011-April-29
Judge Goldstone's Turnabout - What Next?2011-April-07
Indictment of Gazan Engineer Dirar Abu Sisi2011-April-05
The Palestinian UN Gamble - Irresponsible and Ill-Advised2011-April-04
Netanyahu: Israel Will Defend Its Citizens Against Rocket Fire2011-March-23
Palestinian Ceasefire Violations Since the End of the Gaza Operation2011-March-23
Are the Palestinians Ready for Peace? Palestinian Incitement as a Violation of International Legal Norms 2011-March-22
The Palestinian Authority's Political Offensive Against the State of Israel2011-March-03
Watering a Thirsty Planet 2011-February-25
Netanyahu: Israel Must Be Prepared In Case Peace Unravels2011-February-17
Anti-Israel Activists Hound Israeli Arab Diplomat2011-February-08
Netanyahu and Blair Announce Economic Steps to Assist Palestinian Authority2011-February-07
Israel Summons Irish Ambassador over Palestinian Envoy Upgrade 2011-January-26
Israel Upgrades Kenya's Medical Abilities 2011-January-14
Archaeological Excavations in Israel 20112011-January-14
The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords2011-January-05
Israel Submits Complaint to UN on Continued Attacks from Gaza2010-December-22

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