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Israel Defense Forces

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Hamas Admits 700 Palestinian Fighters Were Killed in Gaza War 2010-November-05
The Nakba Was a Self-Inflicted Tragedy 2010-November-03
IDF Draws Plans to Transfer Security Control in West Bank to PA2010-October-27
How the Changing Nature of Threats to Israel Affects Vital Security Arrangements2010-October-26
Can Israel Be Jewish and Democratic?2010-October-25
U.S. Army and IDF Completed Joint Training Exercise2010-October-25
New Electronic ID System Using Handprints Eases IDF Checkpoint Control 2010-October-22
Why Israel Needs the Bomb: The Conventional Dimension2010-October-18
IDF Thwarts Rocket Launch Attempt by Gaza Terrorist Squad 2010-October-18
Checkpoint Duty 2010-October-15
Ahmadinejad at the Lebanese-Israeli Border2010-October-15
Muslim Arab Officer Proudly Serving in IDF 2010-October-14
The First Muslim IDF Officer2010-October-14
Lessons of the Yom Kippur War2010-October-11
Report: Norwegian UN Troops Helped Two Lebanese Terrorists Escape in 1992 2010-October-05
Israel Navy Boards Latest Gaza Aid Boat2010-September-28
IDF Thwarts Attempt by Gaza Terror Squad to Launch Rockets into Israel2010-September-28
Bill Clinton's Comments on Russian Immigrants in Israel Draw Criticism 2010-September-24
Just Say Yes to a Jewish State2010-September-21
IDF to Install 100 Security Cameras along West Bank Roads2010-September-21
Report: Hamas Planned to Abduct Bodies of West Bank Shooting Victims2010-September-20
Woman Bomber Planned to Blow Herself Up in Central Paris 2010-September-20
If War Comes: Israel vs. Hizbullah and Its Allies2010-September-17
Gaza Terrorists Fire Phosphorous Bombs at Israel 2010-September-16
Report: Terrorist Who Planned to Bomb IDF Event in Paris Extradited to France 2010-September-13
Israel Concerned by U.S. Proposal for International Force in West Bank2010-September-08
Video: Explosion of a Hizbullah Weapons Storage Facility2010-September-06
U.S. May Give Israel Arms in Exchange for Concessions 2010-September-01
Israel, U.S. Seek to Block French Anti-Tank Missile Sale to Lebanon2010-August-27
UNIFIL Confirms IDF Account of Lebanese Border Attack2010-August-26
Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant Named as Next IDF Chief of Staff2010-August-23
Iran's Nukes Are Not Just about Israel2010-August-20
Irish Student Victim of "Hate Campaign" after Volunteering for Israel Defense Forces 2010-August-20
Arming Hizbullah? U.S. Military Assistance to Lebanon 2010-August-20
IDF Rejects Disgraceful Behavior by Former Soldier2010-August-18
New IDF Recruits Seek Combat Service2010-August-17
120 Rockets and Mortars Fired at Israel from Gaza in First Six Months of 20102010-August-13
IDF to Dismantle Protective Wall that Blocked Gunfire on Jerusalem Neighborhood2010-August-13
The IDF Underwater Missions Unit 2010-August-11
IDF Changes Approach to Lebanese Army 2010-August-11
Keep the Claws Sharp2010-August-10
Military Implications of the Israel-Lebanon Border Incident2010-August-10
Lebanon Bent on Building Up Army2010-August-09
Netanyahu: Hamas Responsible for Rockets on Eilat2010-August-05
Report: Hizbullah Busting Alleged Israeli Spy Cells Using Tools Provided to Lebanese by the West 2010-August-02
First Female Arab Combat Soldier in IDF 2010-July-30
For Israel, a Two-State Proposal Starts with Security 2010-July-26
Palestinian Infiltrating West Bank Settlement Killed 2010-July-22
Gaza Terrorists Preparing to Fire Rocket Targeted by IDF2010-July-22
IDF Chief of Staff Speaks at Arch of Titus in Rome2010-July-20

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